Teacher Suspended For ‘Fat Butt Michelle Obama’ Comment

Alabama high school psychology teacher Bob Grisham has been suspended for 10 days without pay for a rant that included calling the first lady “fat butt Michelle Obama.” A student in Grisham’s class made an audio recording of the remarks, which also included derogatory comments about gays.

Grisham’s suspension from Lauderdale County High School begins on Tuesday, and he has been barred from teaching his class for the rest of the school year and ordered to attend sensitivity training.

Get to the bottom of the story:

I have absolutely no idea where he’d get such a thing…



Michelle Obama Smurf Butt

michelle obama bigbutt


Oh and a special commendation to the little Commissar who had the foresight to bring a tape recorder to class. I’m sure the local Party officials will see to it that an extra ration of beets and potatoes find their way onto the porch of his (or her) parent’s dacha.

We hereby award him (or her) the Young Pioneer Medal for mandatory volunteerism to the State. [All will now rise and applaud until instructed to stop…it’s mandatory.]

young pioneer pin copy



  1. Rhondayes

    It’s a shame when a people spend so much time photoshopping and breaking down a woman’s body to insult her.

    You have no respect for women, despite what you believe your wife, mother, or daughters would say because they are as anal as you.

    I’m sad you couldn’t appreciate this good woman while she was in public service.

    Don’t get upset when your daughters and wife are called ugly or told they’re fat. Don’t be a hypocrite, because if you thought this innocent woman could take it. Well, then, so can yours.

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