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Well it’s a new year and changes are coming. These last 8 years have been a time of tribulation, but in the end we broke the back of Leftist totalitarianism. I like to think that BlurBrain played some small role, if only in preserving my sanity and perhaps providing our readers a chuckle.

It’s been fun taking shots at Obama and the Left, reading comments from our readers and I’ve taken pride watching BlurBrain’s popularity grow over the years.

Now, feeling like our mission is accomplished and seeing official retirement looming, with a wish list of things to do before I take my leave from life itself, I don’t see managing a blog anywhere on that list. As gratifying as BlurBrain has been, I can’t deny it’s been a chore at times.

But all that aside, the good and the bad, it’s time for me to call it quits.

Those using our secure url, https://BlurBrain.com can still view the site until the SSL certificate expires in Feb. However, neither me or Betty Butter will be adding any more content at this point.

Thanks again to everyone. We wish you all well.


  1. Alan

    Thank you both for all the entertainment and news you have worked so hard to provide us.
    Enjoy your well deserved retirement.

    • Whoopie


      Thanks Alan, this decision has been in the works for some time, I was just waiting to see who’d win the election. Happily we were able to end on a high note.

  2. Check Point Charlie

    Congrats on a long and productive run. Don’t worry about the Left getting their just rewards. They’ll all get their comeuppance… just be patient. Anchors Aweigh!

    Soon you’ll be eating at the best Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, and staying at the best hotels. CPC

  3. Sembawangbolo

    Thanks for 8 great years Whoop and Betty. I really enjoyed you guys and your posts. I’m gonna miss this place because it’s always my entertainment for the day. The next 4 years is gonna be fun. We won this battle, but the war rages on. Hope to see you guys around even though you’re gonna “retire”.

    • Alan

      Hey Sembawangbolo. I really enjoyed reading all your comments on here. Kind of wish we were on one of those social media sites so I could keep reading them, but that ain’t gonna happen.

      • Sembawangbolo

        Thanks for the compliment, Alan. I just can’t bring myself to signing on to Fakebook or Twitter. If I had the time, or smarts, I’d ask Whoopie if I could carry on this website. I’m not retired yet so don’t have the time. Looks like I’ll have to find somewhere else to hang my hat. Maybe go back to the Peoples Cube (Sugar Daddy Bear) or check out IOTW Report.

  4. Betty Butter

    Thanks to y’all, too, Alan, Bolo, and of course, my spousal unit, CPC. Your comments always made it worth posting. I expect we’ll both be trolling around the web, and I’ll use my BB avatar so you can recognize me. I really do feel as if thousands of us together saved this country from the brink, both commenters and bloggers. We were an indefatigable army that just kept going. And, Bolo, like you said the war ain’t over. We just had D-Day on November 8 – as in Donald-Day. There are more battles to come.

  5. CheongYei

    Thanks so much for all the great work! Wishing you all the best, your heroism in keeping this blog so interesting for so long was awesome! Enjoy!

  6. Ariella Adams

    I can’t lie…I’ve posted loads of your hilarious pictures from the pic dumps on FB and Twitter – they did provoke the most inane (and insane) replies and comments – sometimes a little too much for my eyes, but still they were all very well worth the anger and nasty comments I received from them.

    You guys have been great and yes, you DID contribute; as we all became undercover, self-styled, fact-hounds and journalists over the past, almost torturous, 8 years…

    Thanks again and you guys enjoy your vacations until you decide to take up keyboards and once again jump into the melee of political fake-news smashing!

    Toda Raba…and Shalom

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