The Phony Texas Conservative, Dan Patrick, Balks At Constitutional Carry

Now that Dan Patrick, a well known conservative talk show host, who has portrayed himself as a rabid conservative, has been elected as Lt. Governor of Texas, he is proving to be not a constitutional conservative, but more of a controlling fascist, when it comes to backing and supporting and lobbying for legislation that would allow citizens of Texas to carry a concealed weapon based on the literal meaning of the Second Amendment, “constitutional carry.”

With this attitude, it is evident that Mr. Patrick doesn’t understand the basic principles of freedom, so ingrained in the heart of native Texans, especially West Texans.

Dan Patrick Opposes Constitutional Carry in Texas

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said Monday he was uncertain whether support exists in the Legislature for so-called “constitutional carry,” which would give all Texans the right to openly carry a firearm — with or without a permit.

In a radio interview, Patrick noted that last session lawmakers passed legislation allowing the open carry of handguns, a proposal whose support he had also questioned at the start of the session.

“On constitutional carry, I’ll say the same thing: I don’t know if the votes are there,” Patrick told San Antonio host Trey Ware.

Patrick did express some wariness about constitutional carry, citing law enforcement concerns. Patrick has made championing police a priority, especially after a shooting last year in Dallas that killed five officers and wounded seven others.

Let’s deal with the second issue first. I would lay good money down that Dan Patrick has been listening to communist Art Acevedo, who is leaving Austin and going to Houston, who opposed open carry, and who enabled the federal government to come into his county and take forced blood draws during random traffic stops in violation of the constitution.

Or he has been talking to someone equally as communist as Art. So the strategy he has chosen is a common one and is designed to protect his boys in the Texas Senate and House from exposure.

He simply says that he doesn’t know if there are enough votes. That way, it gets killed in committee and the anti-gun politicians never out themselves with a formal vote on a bill.

I hate the idea of committees anyway because they are a good way to formulate compromise legislation that ends up bilking people for money, sending that money to constituents and then ultimately doing no good with meaningless legislation.

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  1. Whoopie

    I’ve always thought it odd that a Western state like Texas would forbid open carry. It’s always been legal in Pennsylvania and many other states. Although, few folks actually do it. And the fact that it is legal doesn’t have any effect on crime one way or the other.

    As for the police angle, the whole reason many states require a concealed carry license is because cops would rather know who has a gun. They consider a concealed weapon more of a threat than one carried openly.

  2. James Conn

    It’s not up to one man to decide on Texas law. Being the bill up for discussion and vote by the whole legislature and let our representatives vote on the bill. It’s not your decision. Dan Patrick will be replaced as soon as we as Texans can vote you out of office. You can’t lie to us again.

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