Oleg Atbashian Arrested At George Mason University


As some readers are just now learning, our good friend and mentor Oleg Atbashian, founder of The People’s Cube was arrested…

As you may have heard, on November 4th I was arrested, handcuffed, and taken to jail for posting anti-terror stickers on the George Mason University campus. I was charged with a “class 6 felony for destruction of property,” threatened with five years in prison, and released 14 hours later on $8,000 bail posted by my wife. The court date is now set for February 14th, 2017.

The stickers he was posting on signs around campus looked like this:

41005Despite the seriousness of the trumped up charges, considering the sort of shenanigans that often take place on college campuses, I happen to think that, all things considered, the judge is likely to dismiss the charges or at least reduce them to some petty misdemeanor punishable by a token fine.

Besides, throwing the book at Oleg would only expose the college to unwanted scrutiny over their anti-Semitic/pro-Hamas policies. I doubt if they really want that kind of publicity.

However, our own Betty Butter who spent more time with him than I have worries that he’s so stubborn, he may refuse a plea deal and opt for a jury trial…

Some of my friends have since pointed out to me that I did, after all, break the law. Yes, I tell them. And so did Rosa Parks when she broke the law in order to draw attention to the injustice.

He seems defiant and feels that his only real crime is violating the campus speech codes. We of course agree with his desire for justice and wish him luck.

Steer your browser over yonder to see what else he has to say about all this along with pics relating to his booking.


  1. Toolfoole

    In his illuminating book, Shakedown Socialism, Oleg portends that the USA today is becoming the USSR of the past. We have arrived.

  2. Sembawangbolo

    Oleg’s poster of bringing the terrorists here couldn’t be more right when you have George Mason doing just that bringing in Hamas proxy groups.

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