Military Helicopters Buzz Downtown Miami Firing Machine Guns

Police report it was a coordinated training exercise for “overseas operations.” Seriously? When did that ever happen in an urban area of America? Usually this sort of thing happens on military bases far from the public eye.

And why involve the police who were seen in this video darting up and down streets, lights flashing, blocking traffic and police boats racing up down the harbor? Overseas operations?

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but you don’t have to be Alex Jones at Infowars to sense that something is going on in the country and I’m starting to get a very bad feeling about it.

In recent years the DHS has purchased billions of rounds of small arms ammo. Now there are reports that DHS is purchasing 7,000 “assault rifles.” There has been a pervasive militarization of local police forces and federal agencies many of whom you wouldn’t think needed firearms (the Dept. of Education, HUD, Social Security Administration and the Weather Service to name a few).

We’ve seen documents and contingency plans leaked from the DHS and DoD concerning large scale counter insurgency operations here in the US. And recently there have been unsubstantiated rumors that the Obama regime has applied a litmus test for military officers on whether they would fire on civilians if so ordered. A number of high ranking officers have already been relieved of command, the rumor being that their loyalty to the regime was in question.


  1. Betty Butter

    Gotta be prepared for a Cuban exile uprising – as they might be the first to get militant against another communist dictatorship. They are a pretty touchy group when it comes to this.

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  3. Judy

    The are trying to desensatize citizens so when something really happens, the citizens will fail to react appropriately.

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