Marines Marching In Inauguration Parade Had Disabled Rifles

M-14 no boltTake a close look at the M-14 rifles the Marines where carrying at Obama’s second inauguration. The bolts have been removed from the rifles rendering them unable to fire a round.

Apparently Obama’s Secret Service doesn’t trust the USMC. Simply searching each guy to make sure he didn’t have a live round hidden on him wasn’t enough, they had to make sure the guns were inoperable.

Remember all those times George Bush (miss him yet?) traveled to Iraq to meet the troops? Troops who had working rifles slung on their shoulders, with loaded magazines in pouches on their belt.

I can’t recall ever seeing the troops with weapons in hand when Obama paid them a visit and after seeing this, if anyone can find such a photo, I’d have to bet that the bolt carriers had been removed prior to Obama’s arrival.

It’s painfully obvious how much contempt Obama has toward the military and the feeling is mutual…and the Secret Service knows it too.

Hat Tip: Tom Moe

Watch this video, at about 1:14 you’ll see the troops passing by the camera, every single rifle is missing it’s bolt. I wonder if the bayonets are made of rubber?

UPDATE: This report has received a lot of attention and while there is a consensus that something is dreadfully sinister about the Obama administration, it seems that there have been times when military members were ordered to remove bolts from their weapons due to “VIP’s” in the area.  Hey, it got us talking didn’t it?


  1. Betty Butter

    This is why I’m not too worried about Comrade Obama’s secret wish for some crisis to come along so he can declare Marshall Law. But I do expect him to nationalize more land – hey, we can get that back when it gets sold off, unless the Chinese are the ones who buy it.

    • Whattaconcept

      The MARINES are a major deployment ASSIGNED to the Protection of the “POTUS”…… (Soon to get the NEW “Abbreviation” of “POPTIC”.. in other words.. the “President Of Propaganda and TREASONIST-IN-CHEIF!!!”)

      For Obummer to remove the bolts from their rifles leave him that much LESS protected!!!!

      Let’s send that squad to guard the ho’ on her Wal-Mart escapades!!!!!!

      • Jeni

        <3 Love your new acronym 😉

        The bolts removed for the parade is an outrage and unacceptable. When will this obamination be impeached already??!
        God help us, he is out to ruin this great country and the sheeple are just sitting by letting it happen. He wants a second civil war and is sure to get one if he keeps up the propaganda and lies and takign away our rights! WAKE UP PEOPLE

        • Will


          What does that even mean? It is impossible to to have respect for the position when the person who holds it is a vile human that needs a meeting with the creator

    • Linda

      Well, if the Chines buy our land they CAN’T take it to China – the land is here to stay, no matter who’s name is on the paper!

  2. Whoopie


    The Marine who stands by the helicopter to salute when Obama comes and goes, I wonder if there’s a real pistol in that holster he wears?

    It’s a disgrace that Obama trusts the troops to fight “for him” (his quote) but he doesn’t trust them to have a working firearm in his presence.

    • Ceremonial Guard "Grunt" 1965

      If you REALLY want to know, try walking up to that helecopter. This is top level security and questions are asked AFTER the fact. Trust me, “been there, done that” Semper Fi

      • Paul Stach

        I was stationed at MB MCI Co. 1962 to 64 Was you at MB or at The Navel Yard.We attened and marched in both Kennedys and Johnsons and were not required to remove the bolts from our M-I rifles.Thanks Cpl Stach.Semper FI

      • Fulltimedad

        But under Obama are they armed with real bullets and live rounds. NO other President has removed bolts from Marines on Parade in the past.

    • Old Mullet

      Did anyone notice that the weapons are not bolt action. They appear to be M-1 Garands (auto or semi-auto). The only exception I could see in the video were the marines at each end of the flag barers, they had bolt-action and the bolts were there. I suggest this needs to be examined by a weapon armorer or gunsmith who is familiar with military rifles. The truths about this leader already out there are bad enough, let’s not get caught in falsifications.

      • DD777 Gunner

        Look in the receivers, you can see the followers. Those are parade pieces, just like the m1917 Enfields we carried 50 years ago.

  3. PaladinUSMC

    I CAN tell You this for a FACT! Those Parade Rifles have been
    INOPERABLE for DECADES ! They are Used SOLELY for Drill and Ceremony !!!

    M1-Garand drill rifles have been re-machined to be very loose for
    that snapping sound at each station of arms (close order drill)

    and they are not safe to fire They are NOT a Current Issued Combat Arm !

    Somehow, I think this Supposed story was worked up over a couple of stiff drinks at a local Bar !!

    • Whoopie


      There are a number of videos of the USMC silent drill team. I just watched one and it appears that their Garand rifles have bolts. See what you think:

      I know what you’re saying about loosening up the wood, but the M-1 Garand is a fine rifle and many folks still shoot them. sanding the insides of the forestocks and loosening the mounting bands wouldn’t make the gun unsafe to fire.

      You could simply put a weld in the chamber so a round can’t be inserted or remove the firing pin. The only reason to take out the bolt is to make it plainly visible (to the Secret Service) that gun is useless.

      • oldranger68

        Different units have different drill weapons. I wouldn’t want to attempt to fire any of them if they, in fact, even have firing pins. However, it has been long standing policy, in high level stste functions, that bolts or firing pins be removed mainly to prevent accidental injury to troops, dignitaries, or civilians. I don’t believe that a slight toward the troops was intended.

      • Ollie Dozier

        Photo is doctored/phony! No Marine would ever carry a weapon(right shoulder arms) in that position. Check all photos and video of ALL troops and the carry of their weapons. This pic has been computer enhanced to show exactly what SOMEONE wants to be seen, and apparently there are enough people out there who are buying into the lie. Gee, what group of people would want to do that, and for what reason??

        • Whoopie


          Just for the record, that photo is screen grab from the video. And I have no idea what you’re talking about as to carrying the gun that way. Right shoulder arms is the rifle resting on the right shoulder, held vertically with the elbow tucked beside the ribs. I been to bootcamp and know the drill.
          The operating handle is fully forward yet no bolt is visible and you can see right down into the magazine well.

    • Ollie Dozier

      I can tell YOU fo a fact (Everyone at 8th and I, as well as the Marine Silent Drill Team, stationed at the Navy Yard) used their M-1 garand to qualify annually, to train in the field, to drill on the parade deck. This was our TO weapon. 1962-1966. the pict is a phony! No Marine fron 8th and I would ever carry his piece at (right shoulder arms) in that position. Someone want to show a bolt-less weapon, and the rifle has to be turne din such a position as this to accomplish THEIR aim. PHONY/CONPUTER ENHANCED. Wonder wh benifits from such a LIE?? “Could it be SATAN”

  4. oldranger68

    It has been my experience that none of the rifles used in the ceremonies in memory have been functional. They are parade rifles and are not safe to fire under any circumstances. I hate the Communst Obummer but he can do enough, himself, to garner hate without unresearched stories like this.

    • stg58/Animal Mother

      All that may be true, but the bolts have not been so visibly absent. It is a message more than anything else. I have never seen the SDT perform live or on video with missing bolts.

  5. Kingbear

    I was a combat infantry person attached to D-2-5 in Korea. When In returned I was a DI at MCRD San Diego. PaldinUSMC is dead on. If you will notice no M1s in that parade had bolts. This was not by order or even knowledge of the CIC. Did you see the people in jackets walking along they are the armed guard and for your information at least one and maybe two of the SUVs had a 50 cal in a mount that would come through a actuated gun position in the roof of the SUV.

    • Whoopie


      Look guys, for the last time, it’s not about security, it’s about appearance. There are ways to disable a gun that don’t show on the outside. Doing it the way they did conveys the appearance that Obama doesn’t trust his own military. And that’s the disgrace.

      • Retired Military Dude

        “Doing it the way they did conveys the appearance that Obama doesn’t trust his own military. And that’s the disgrace.”
        That is the impression you’re trying to convey. Even after being told it’s been this way for decades. That’s the disgrace, your dishonesty.

    • Ceremonial Guard "Grunt" 1965

      As a Marine who served at Marine Barracks, 8th an I, I can ASSURE you that the photo is a PHONY!! The position of the M-1 Grand is meant to show “No Bolt”??? NO MARINE at *th and I would ever carry his piece (at right shoulder arms) that way. The rifle that they carry are FUNCTIONAL in every aspect. In 1965, when the rest of the marine Corps were issued M-14’s we carried M-1’s, we qualified every year with this weapon,, we trained in the field, we drilled in parades an ceremonies with this weapon and we provided security at camp David with this weapon. The picture is definately PHONY/DOCTORED?COMPUTER ENHANCED! Take it to the bank and SEMPER FI

  6. TexasPatriot

    I’m no fan of our current administration, however, this is a inflamatory claim not based in fact. I surmise that this was a Marine Corps unit-level decision since other Marines in the parade, as well as my former Army outfit, The Old Guard, plus Air Force and Navy units were all carrying weapons with bolts installed and closed. The ONLY other unit I can identify as NOT having bolts in their rifles are U.S. Military Academy Cadets. Go to this website and review the pictures for yourself.

    Let’s try not to lower ourselves to ‘their’ standards. Liberals hate facts more than anything. Getting it wrong just gives them more ammo to paint us as nuts.

    • Whoopie


      Lower ourselves to their standards?
      “In every war, the aggressor sets the rules of engagement.”
      -Rush Limbaugh

  7. Wildrice

    I was in the Army from 1964-1967. I was also in a ceremony unit named “The Firing Squad” which fired blanks at funerals . Our rifles were the real deal. Biggest problem was blank rounds didn’t have enough recoil to eject/recock the next round and we needed to use the side of our hand to slam in another round, it hurt during freezing winter grave site volley’s. The rifle was real & intact..

  8. Gene Tinelli

    I have no problem with this. Anwar Sadat and a number of other Egyptian officials were killed at an Inauguration parade by troops passing by the reviewing stand.

    • Whoopie


      So you’re saying the US Marines are no more trustworthy than a bunch of Israel hating Egyptian terrorists?

  9. Joe Tuzzolino

    The photo is not photoshopped, the Marine is at eyes left that is why the rifle looks out of position. Watch the video except for the squad on the left (right looking at the formation) who is the guide squad all are looking to the left causing that gap between the rifle and their heads

  10. scp412

    I did pass in review at Fort Bragg in 2008ish, when then President Bush visited for All American Week. We were made to remove our bolts from our M4s for the ceremony. So it is not that far fetched to believe and also most likely had nothing to do with trust.

  11. m. mercer

    I know a USMC Colonel retired after 40 years in the Corp who said that this is SOP with the Secret Service, not a Presidential decision. He personally witnessed this at his home coming from Viet Nam with President Nixon, and with President Bush in Somalia. So take another look at this blog it is completely misleading! I wish it wasn’t because I hate Obama like many of you that posted comments but this is U.S.Secret Service standard operating procedure with any President.

  12. cheryl

    What a load of BS!!!! Standard parade weapons…you really think we send Marines into battle with those antiques??? I have stock in Golden Gate bridge for sale…… LOL
    I just love all you crazies who think there is some huge conspiracy behind this. I worked I Air Force logistics for 28 years. Parade policy requires non-funtional weapons. Bolts May or may not be visible depending on how the weapon was de-militarized…. bolts and or firing pins may be spot welded on some…or removed. you might see them with or without a bolt in place… This is standard policy..and has been for years.

  13. Capt. Curt

    Jar Head Jar Head don’t be blue
    You could have been a Sea Bee too.

    Some one had to get the beaches ready for your landing
    Your Mother the Navy loves you.

    Sea Bees- The best friend you ever had, cold beer and hot food any time for you guys.

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