LAPD Police Dogs Be Racist

Police dogThat according to the UK Independent:

Police officers in Los Angeles have long faced accusations of institutional racism, but now it appears their dogs may be unjustly discriminatory, too.

A new report focusing on the Canine Special Detail of the LA Sherriff’s Department (LASD) has uncovered a vast increase in the number of minority individuals bitten by police dogs since 2004.

And in the first six months of this year, every single victim of a bite by a LASD dog was African-American or Latino.The data was published in a new report by the Police Assessment Resource Centre (Parc), a Los Angeles-based non-profit organisation, devoted to “advancing effective and accountable policing”.

Aside from snarky comments left at their website suggesting that blacks and Latinos smell or taste like fried chicken and tacos there may be other, more plausible explanations.

The most obvious being that the vast majority of crimes in LA are committed by either blacks or Latinos. Or perhaps black or Latino suspects are more likely to run or resist arrest necessitating the release of the dog. And since dogs have very sensitive noses, perhaps they detect the scent of  ‘aggression’ even though the suspect may insist later that he was gonna give up.

Finally, it may be that the K9 handler is in fact the racist who deliberately allows the dog to chew on the suspect even after the suspect has surrendered.

But in none of those scenarios can you blame the dog for being racist.

Oh, one last suspicion…

This so called “Police Assessment Resource Center” non-profit is just another Democrat money laundering front whose cover story is to create excuses for wanton criminality among the Democrat’s victim class constituents. But their real purpose is to kickback some of the money they receive to the DNC.

Perhaps someone needs to create a “Ghetto Assessment Resource Center” to delve into why certain racial groups can’t obey the law and act civilized.

I’m sure the IRS would approve their tax-exempt status so that they could funnel a percentage of donations and grants back to the GOP in exchange for Republican politicians steering more taxpayer funded grants their way.


Yeah, I didn’t think so.




  1. Boot Birnbaum

    I think you nailed it with dogs can sense ‘aggression’ or they just know when something’s not right with a person’s demeanor. But, by merely noticing that, it does of course make the dog at a minimum a Hitler collaborator….

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  3. I read that they are replacing the german shepards they have used for years for,Blue tick healers,ridge backs,and tennesse walkers,dogs that are used primarily for hunting racoons…the dept says they have not had any problem with Germans and don`t see any reason to keep using them.I sure do hope this helps out with getting the bad guys

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  5. My brother, is really good at explaining this but basically dogs aren’t politically correct, if they have white owners they won’t regard blacks as the same species because they look and more importantly smell different. So if they deal with a lot of black and Latino criminals, they learn from experience, and they react accordingly.

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