Jan 6, 2013 Headline Roundup

I’ll start with a video I found at Nice Deb from a post we linked yesterday.

The creepiness factor needs no explanation:

Dude?  Funny how state media was quick to jump in and discredit any conspiracy theories…

Via Bad BlueINVESTIGATE TREASON >EgyptianMagazine Claims MuslimBrotherhood Has Infiltrated Obama Admin #tcot

WFB: Durbin: ‘We Need to Open Our Minds to Other Tax Revenue’

Twitchy: Rep. Jose Serrano reintroduces bill to repeal presidential term limit

This Ain’t Hell: Jackson-Lee wants you to turn in your weapons

The Right Scoop:  Greens Are Really Reds

The Peoples Cube:  Red Square (Oleg Atbashian) Speaks to Sarasota Patriots

The Other McCain:  DeMint At Heritage

SWeasel:  Technology’s here!

PJ Media:  The 10 Gun Bills Introduced on Day One of the New Congress

Moonbattery:  It’s Free Swipe Yo EBT II

Linkiest: Celebrity Death Pool 2013

iOTW:  The BigFurHat Zone – Time Enough At Last

iMaksim:  New Non-Political T-Shirt Design

I’m 41:  Alabama Rig For Smallmouth Bass

Zilla:  Dang, But It’s Cold Here! – Oil Be Darned Edition

Great Satan’s Girlfriend:  The Real Menace

Flopping Ace’s:  The Similarities Between America’s Economic Mess and Europe’s

Doug Ross: JUST PERFECT: New “Eco-friendly” AC Coolant Said to Catch Fire, Poison Humans, Melt Windshields

Blazing Cat Fur:  Moderate UK Muslims Believe Attack On Malala Yousafzai A CIA Conspiracy

And now, enjoy this gif Betty Butter sent us to show off her new jammies!


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