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    Puerto Rico: America’s Greek Crisis

    by  • 29 June, 2015 • Economy, Politics • 0 Comments

    uncle sam suicide

    Socialism’s chickens coming home… Normally a story such as this winds up being about Detroit or Chicago or some other major US city because we’re talking about an economy on the brink of collapse. But this time it’s Puerto Rico. The Washington Post is reporting that the commonwealth is sitting on more than $70B...

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    CENTCOM: U.S. Troops Will Publicly Observe Ramadan Fast Or Else…

    by  • 29 June, 2015 • Military, Politics, WTF • 3 Comments


    We all get the need to respect your host nation when operating… but c’mon, huge fines and/or a trip to the slammer? (CENTCOM) – “Members should be respectful of local customs and be patient with host nation personnel,” said Capt. Dan Sickles, host nation officer in-charge. “Ramadan is a countrywide religious celebration. Members should...

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    Texas Students: Tear Down Statue Of George Washington

    by  • 29 June, 2015 • Art, Patriotism, Politics, Racism • 2 Comments

    facepalm statue

    Statue worse than Hitler… Given the fact that America’s Commander-in-Chief during the revolutionary war against the British and first President George Washington owned slaves his entire life and only emancipated them after his death, would UT students also support a move to wipe Washington from the pages of history? The answer is yes, many...

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    John Boehner Has To Go

    by  • 29 June, 2015 • Politics • 3 Comments


    Where have I heard that before?… It was the most curious of spectacles. John Boehner, abandoning everything he claimed his stood for, has been reduced to an Obama hand puppet. That stench is the smell of Boehner hypocrisy. Boehner was instrumental in getting passed Obama’s Transpacific Authority and it has consistently been cloaked in...

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    Right Wing Links 6-28-15 Via A Smidge Of Retro Tech Girls

    by  • 28 June, 2015 • Politics • 3 Comments

    retro tech girls (3)

    Etymology from French rétro.  (Adjective) RETRO: of, or relating to, the past, past times, or the way things were. You know, before the age of political correctness, gender confusion, protected classes and a sitting Presidents race baiting bullsh*t . Fox:  Krauthammer: Removing Confederate flag from SC Statehouse ‘irrelevant’ to Charleston massacre Washington Free Beacon:  U.S....

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