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    Naked Joe Biden Grosses Out Secret Service

    by  • 1 August, 2014 • Photoshop, Politics • 2 Comments

    Biden loony toons

    Not enough vaseline to soften those optics… It’s the Joe Biden you didn’t know — and might not want to see. Secret Service agents dread being assigned to protect the vice president, in part because Biden’s a big fan of skinny dipping, according to a new tell-all book. In “The First Family Detail,” author...

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    Congress Sees Obama Rollin’ And They Be Hatin’

    by  • 31 July, 2014 • Politics • 1 Comment

    idiot obama (2)

    “My entire Presidency is just one big joke”… It is indeed “hatin’,” not “hating,” as both CNN and ABC note, and that’s deliberate. His strategy in answering the GOP’s lawsuit in the court of public opinion is cynical and brilliant: He’s going to laugh the whole thing off as highfalutin nonsense, something the average...

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    Six Homeland Security Vehicles Arrive at Couple’s Home to Seize Land Rover

    by  • 31 July, 2014 • Politics • 1 Comment


    “The Department of Homeland Security, created in the aftermath of 9/11, was tasked with the role of protecting America from terrorists, man-made accidents and natural disasters. However, the DHS has been turned into a national police force with a remit that extends from seizing websites for copyright infringement to confiscating fake NFL merchandise.” From...

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    Global Warmists Stymied By Record Low Temps

    by  • 30 July, 2014 • Economy, Politics, Tech • 4 Comments

    Al Gore miffed

    They even scheduled their theatrics for July… DENVER — The Climate Reality Project brought its “I’m Too Hot” trucks and offers of free ice cream to this week’s Environmental Protection Agency hearings on power-plant emissions, but the climate wasn’t cooperating. The plan was to tout the EPA’s emissions proposal as a solution for hot...

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    Healthcare Skyrockets Just Like Energy Prices!

    by  • 30 July, 2014 • Politics • 0 Comments


    I’m sure you remember the plethora of lies that Obama told to the American people when the Wizards of Smart were selling the Obamacare Snake Oil.  “If you like your doctor”, “If you like your plan” ,” the average cost will go down $2,500″.  No one with functioning brain cells knew that any of...

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