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    Hillary Uses Allegations Of Donor Scandal To Solicit More Donations

    by  • 24 April, 2015 • Crime, Politics • 0 Comments


    Shameless… “There’s a new book out — written by a former Republican operative with ties to a Koch-funded organization — that uses allegations and conspiracy theories to stitch together a false narrative about Hillary without producing a single shred of evidence,” writes Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta in an email to supporters: “We’re only...

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    Despite Claims Still No Firings Over VA Scandal

    by  • 24 April, 2015 • Health, Military, Patriotism, Politics • 1 Comment

    Robert McDonald

    Business as usual… In the wake of the wait-list scandal at the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Obama administration promised to impose accountability. Barack Obama himself asked VA Secretary Eric Shinseki to resign, and appointed Robert McDonald to instill more discipline at the Veterans Administration. Two months ago McDonald told NBC News’ Chuck Todd...

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    Bill Nye And Obama Celebrate Earth Day By Burning Tons Of Fossil Fuels

    by  • 23 April, 2015 • Celeb, Politics • 2 Comments

    crosseye'd Debbie

    President Barack Obama held up the shrinking Florida Everglades today as proof positive that climate change is real and is threatening America’s ‘national treasures,’ as well as the economies of their surrounding towns, which rely heavily on tourist dollars. ‘Climate change can no longer be denied. It can’t be edited out,’ he said this...

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    Hillary & Barack’s Buddy, Mohamed Morsi, Sentenced to 20 Years

    by  • 23 April, 2015 • Politics • 0 Comments


    Mohamed Morsi, friend of Barack and Hillary, and the socialist front group, Code Pink, oppressor of the Egyptian people, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison by an Egyptian Court. In case Fox News hasn’t informed you about the Hillary-Morsi connection, Hillary’s assistant, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner’s wife, used Hillary’s private server to...

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    Clinton Foundation Caught Hiding Foreign Donations

    by  • 23 April, 2015 • Crime, Politics • 0 Comments


    Typographical errors… For three years in a row beginning in 2010, the Clinton Foundation reported to the IRS that it received zero in funds from foreign and U.S. governments, a dramatic fall-off from the tens of millions of dollars in foreign government contributions reported in preceding years. Those entries were errors, according to the...

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