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    Bill Whittle: Weaponizing The Government (Video)

    by  • 31 October, 2014 • Politics, Video • 0 Comments


    Freedom of speech under fire. Bill Whittle, our favorite video commentator and virtual president calls our attention to some disturbing statements made recently in regard to curbing political speech on the internet. Oh we’ve heard such talk before from the likes of Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer grousing about those darn Rightwing bloggers who,...

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    Minnesota Dem, Jeff Hayden, Robs Poor People’s Non-Profit Fund, Flies to NY, Attends “Wicked”

    by  • 30 October, 2014 • Politics • 2 Comments


    Minnesota Democrat (DFL) caught using non-profit funds intended to help poor people.  He used the money to fly his wife and himself to New York where they attended a musical:  “Wicked.” From Minnesota Star Tribune: Scrutiny of Sen. Jeff Hayden, DFL-Minneapolis, intensified Thursday after new revelations that he took a trip to New York...

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    Bawney Fwank’s & the Democwat’s Dweam Coming True: A Nation of Wenters (Renters)

    by  • 30 October, 2014 • Politics • 2 Comments


    Remember when Barney Frank once said that poor people should not own a home, they should be renters. Well, Barney’s dream is coming true. All the more easy to eventually nationalize all housing on the way to the glorious progressive world of next Tuesday. From The Atlantic: Homeownership in America Has Collapsed—Don’t Blame Millennials...

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    ‘Stop The Violence’ Community Organizers Beat Colleague

    by  • 30 October, 2014 • Crime, Politics • 2 Comments

    Emanuel Velez

    Can’t we all just get along?… WASHINGTON, Pa. — Two “Stop the Violence” organizers allegedly beat one of their colleagues so severely that he vomited blood and was left unconscious in critical condition. Nikole Ardeno and Emanuel Velez, both 30, accused their former roommate of stealing their property, and allegedly punched and kicked him...

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    NY Mayor Bill de Blasio Shaking Down Business Owners

    by  • 30 October, 2014 • Crime, Politics • 6 Comments

    Bill de Blasio

    Commie racketeer… ALBANY – As part of Mayor de Blasio’s drive to help Democrats retake the state Senate, a key de Blasio fundraiser hit up a city developer for a suggested contribution of $50,000, an email obtained by the Daily News shows. The solicitation made the developer “feel uncomfortable” in part because he deals...

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