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    It Was Just a Typo or The Demise of Obamacare

    by  • 25 July, 2014 • Politics • 0 Comments


      It is a standard Liberal response: “you took my words out of context”, “you misquoted me”, “you misunderstood what I said”, I didn’t really mean what I said”….adnauseum. You could also debate the semantics and etymology of the word “is” as William Jefferson Clinton unsuccessfully did.    Words mean something. One of the...

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    Drug Dealing Dem Candidate Pistol Whips Customer

    by  • 25 July, 2014 • Politics • 0 Comments

    Mark Byrge

    Just looking out for the little guy… A Utah legislative candidate was charged with assault and kidnapping this week after police said he forced a man into his home at gunpoint and pistol-whipped him over a prescription drug debt. Defendant Mark Byrge, 43, ran uncontested in the Democratic primary last month and is slated...

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    Arrest Warrant Issued For Illegal Alien With TB

    by  • 25 July, 2014 • Crime, Culture, Politics • 1 Comment

    Eduardo Cruz

    Maybe we need amnesty for communicable diseases… (Newser) – Prosecutors in Northern California said yesterday they have obtained an arrest warrant for a tuberculosis patient who has refused treatment and may be contagious. Eduardo Rosas Cruz, a 25-year-old transient, went to the San Joaquin General Hospital’s emergency room in March complaining of a severe...

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    White House Caught Tracking Website Visitors

    by  • 23 July, 2014 • Politics, Tech • 0 Comments

    print key

    White House, white lies… They proudly say that they comply with federal privacy law, eschewing cookies, but sneakily use Addthis’s “canvas fingerprinting,” a product whose other major user is Youporn (but they stopped after they were outed, and the White House didn’t). The original research comes from a team at KU Leuven and Princteon,...

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