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    Holder Stooge Praises NYPD Cop Murders

    by  • 21 December, 2014 • Crime, Politics • 2 Comments


    In the aftermath of the execution of two NYC Police officers a Cop Hating, Jew Hating sympathizer Bassem Masri was caught on Video calling the slain officers “Pigs in a blanket”.  This is the same Masri that was invited by Eric Holder to share in a “summit” on Police reform.  How’s this for police...

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    Sony Feared “The Interview” Would Be Box Office Bomb

    by  • 20 December, 2014 • Art, Celeb, Communism • 1 Comment


    Forget the politics: Sony Pictures was pretty much begging for someone to kill its ‘desperately unfunny’ comedy on the fictional assassination of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-Un. Leaked emails reveal Sony executives were concerned about the action-comedy featuring Seth Rogen and James Franco — even before hackers believed to be ‘state sponsored’ by North...

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    Two Democrat PA Legislators Indicted For Bribery

    by  • 20 December, 2014 • Crime, Politics, Racism • 0 Comments


    Two Democratic Pennsylvania state representatives were indicted earlier this week for receiving thousands of dollars in bribes to vote against the state’s voter-identification law. The charges by a Philadelphia district attorney come after the Obama administration’s Department of Justice and Pennsylvania’s Democratic attorney general refused to pursue the case. State representatives Vanessa Brown and...

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    Lone Survivor of Christian Family Who Escaped Stalin Purges Found Living in Siberian Forest

    by  • 20 December, 2014 • Culture, Politics • 1 Comment


    The Russians just can’t help themselves when it comes to hiding the truth about their past, especially the purges of the Stalin Era. The article below about a woman who lives alone deep in a Siberian forest, isolated from the world, a descendant of people who faced religious persecution during the 1930’s, obfuscates the...

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    Army Continues To Stall On Releasing Bergdahl Verdict

    by  • 19 December, 2014 • Crime, Military, Politics • 0 Comments


    Guilty verdict could embarrass Obama… The Army has finished its investigation into how and why Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl disappeared from his base in Afghanistan and plans to brief Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel this afternoon, officials said Friday. Details about the probe’s conclusion have been closely held. The report could include recommendations on whether...

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    Vermont Governor Cancels Single Payer Healthcare

    by  • 19 December, 2014 • Economy, Health, Politics • 1 Comment


    Reality bites… MONTPELIER, Vt. — Gov. Peter Shumlin announced this week he has called off his plans for single-payer health care in Vermont for 2015, saying “now is not the right time.” At an unannounced news conference, Shumlin said he received the final modeling for financing single-payer health care on Tuesday and concluded the...

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