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    Leonard Nimoy, Dead At Age 83

    by  • 27 February, 2015 • Celeb, Health • 0 Comments

    spock bye

    Lived long and prospered… Leonard Nimoy, the sonorous, gaunt-faced actor who won a worshipful global following as Mr. Spock, the resolutely logical human-alien first officer of the Starship Enterprise in the television and movie juggernaut “Star Trek,” died on Friday morning at his home in the Bel Air section of Los Angeles. He was...

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    Al Sharpton On The Chopping Block At MSNBC

    by  • 26 February, 2015 • Celeb, Culture, Politics • 0 Comments

    MSNBC fat Al

    No profit in Progressive programming… MSNBC is set to pull the plug on contentious Reverend Al Sharpton in a last ditch attempt to revive dwindling audience numbers. The liberal anchor’s nightly Politics Nation show is to be shelved by broadcasting bosses as they make drastic changes in the hope of clawing back viewers. Company...

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    Famous Quotations by Liberals Before Videos of Their Falls

    by  • 26 February, 2015 • Celeb, Humor, Politics, Video • 1 Comment


    Below are some famous quotations by liberals and videos of their embarrassing falls. Fidel, who once said: “How can we help President Obama?” Madonna, who once told Republicans to “suck George Bush’s d**k” Update: Since YouTube banned the video above, I added this parody with Madonna’s fall: Hillary, who, once responded, when told her...

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    Keith Olbermann Suspended By ESPN

    by  • 24 February, 2015 • Celeb, Politics, Sports • 0 Comments

    keith olbermann

    Having learned nothing about keeping his nasty opinions to himself and fool mouth shut Keith Olbermann got himself suspended by his new boss for a tit-for-tat twitter exchange in which he called Penn State students “pathetic.” Trouble was, he made the tweet in response to a Penn State student who tweeted him because the...

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    James O’Keefe Video Exposes Al Sharpton For A Crook

    by  • 24 February, 2015 • Celeb, Crime, Culture • 0 Comments

    al-sharpton back glance

    Shakedown artist… “You think Al Sharpton is kind of like a crook in a sense?” the investigator is heard asking Garner’s oldest daughter. “He’s about this,” Snipes replies, rubbing her fingers together. “He’s about money with you?” the undercover asks. “Yeah,” Snipes responds. Snipes, 24, also complained that the Staten Island director of Sharpton’s...

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    Comcast And Al Sharpton Named In Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

    by  • 23 February, 2015 • Celeb, Culture, Politics, Racism, Tech • 0 Comments

    Al Sharpton caricature

    Racial shakedown backfire… Even though the FCC hasn’t yet ruled on the proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable, one group has already filed a lawsuit claiming at least $20 billion in damages from the way the two giants allegedly discriminate against black-owned media. The complaint, filed in California on Friday, comes from...

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    UN Global Warming Plagued By Reality And Sex Scandal

    by  • 20 February, 2015 • Celeb, Crime, Politics, Tech • 0 Comments


    Steamy emails and freezing weather… The world’s top climate change official has protested his innocence after being accused of sexual harassment by a 29-year-old researcher at his organisation. The female employee lodged a complaint with the Delhi Police accusing Rajendra Pachauri, a 75-year-old Nobel Peace Prize winner, of repeated inappropriate behaviour, both physically and...

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    Bruce Jenner Facing Manslaughter Charges In Deadly Accident

    by  • 18 February, 2015 • Celeb, Crime • 1 Comment


    Tranny trainwreck… New video evidence in the Bruce Jenner car crash incident could spell trouble for the transitioning reality star following the four-car incident that left one person dead and seven injured on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California, earlier this month. An MTA bus traveling behind the Hummer involved is reported to...

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    Obama’s Separate Valentine’s Day Vacations Cost Taxpayers $2.5 Million

    by  • 17 February, 2015 • Celeb, Politics • 1 Comment

    idiot obama (2)

    Lifestyles of the rich and infamous… The Obama’s have spent an estimated $2.5 million after Barack and the rest of his family took separate weekend breaks. President Obama spent Valentine’s weekend in California, where he managed to squeeze in three rounds of golf at a California course owned by Oracle chief executive Larry Ellison....

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