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    #WhitePeople And Banning The Terms ‘Husband’ And ‘Wife’

    by  • 23 July, 2015 • Communism, Culture, Politics • 1 Comment


    Meanwhile in ‘Murica, a dipsh*t has a great idea… (CNSNews) – Last week, Rep. Lois Capps (D-Calif.) introduced a bill that would remove the words “husband” and “wife” from the language used in federal law. -snip Bishop E.W. Jackson, president of STAND (Staying True to America’s National Destiny), told CNSNews.com. “They can change 1,000...

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    Newest Military Weapon In War Against Islamist, ‘Window Blinds’

    by  • 21 July, 2015 • Military, Politics, WTF • 2 Comments


    Obama assures Pentagon lackeys that closed window blinds will thwart future attacks by practitioners of the religion of peace.  It’s common knowledge that open window blinds only serve to taunt and infuriate otherwise peaceful mooslims. Fo reelz yo: (Daily Surge) – The Obama administration refuses to arm military recruiters following the attack that killed five...

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    You’re Just Plain Stupid…

    by  • 19 July, 2015 • Politics, WTF • 1 Comment


    …if you’re one of those people that think Barack Hussein Obama is/was a great president, a competent commander in chief or even some semblance of a decent human being.  He’s not. Let’s forget everything the lowlife has done thus far.  Gone.  Poof. What kind of a vile, demented POS directs his underlings to do this:...

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    Right Wing Links 7-19-15 Via NOT A Plus Sized Model Stefania Ferrario

    by  • 19 July, 2015 • Culture, Politics • 3 Comments

    Stefania  (2)

    No, yours truly hasn’t gone feminazi.  Just not a fan labels. Stefania Ferrario (<– mildly NSFW link) is an impressive 21-year-old Australian model who’s currently the face of Dita Von Teese’s lingerie label. And she’s sick of being labelled as plus-sized. She is currently campaigning for the fashion industry to “drop the plus” in the hopes that...

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    Hidden ‘Peace’ (18 Pics)

    by  • 18 July, 2015 • Crime, Guns, Politics • 0 Comments

    hidden peace (15)

    Peace of mind via a concealed ‘piece’. (Fox) – A report from a prominent economist finds that the number of permits to carry concealed handguns has skyrocketed by 178 percent in the last eight years, even as the murder rate has dropped. The figures, cited in a study by the Philadelphia-based Crime Prevention Research...

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