All Hail Obama

Emperor in chiefObama has developed a pattern of Governance – it’s called being a bully by threatening his opposition.  He has done it consistently during his Dictatorship and now that he has been Immaculated to a second term as Emperor he routinely uses his sceptre stick nearly every time he wants his way and is forced by Congress to allow the Legislative process work as the Constitution says it should.

In his Inaugural speech he threatened to issue executive orders if Congress fails to pass Green jobs legislation that pleases him. Read here:

Today, after the White House leaked the State Approved Immigration Bill, he reminded the peons that this was his own plan “just in case” Congress didn’t act in a timely fashion in presenting a Bill that meets his muster.  Read here:

During the aftermath of the Sandy Hook School shooting Vice President Biden threatened executive action by the President in response to the tragedy.  When threatened with impeachment by a number of Congressmen the rhetoric quieted down.  If timely, State Approved legislation is not forthcoming will he follow through on this threat as well?  Read here:

This is not leadership, this is  Dictatorship.  The founders are rolling over in their graves and America is allowing him to dance on them.


  1. Whoopie

    Recently during one of his online chats with his drooling disciples he lamented (yet again) that he’s not an emperor.

    Hard to believe he swore an oath to protect and defend that darned old Constitution.

    • Betty Butter

      I take comfort in the reality that although he is making life more difficult for the small businessman, he’s making life even worse for many of his most loyal supporters. They are blood that feeds the tumor, and it is they who ought to pay the price.

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