A Camp Where Adults Dress Little Boys Up Like Little Girls, What Could Go Wrong?

Nothing, if you live in the progressive world of Next Tuesday.  It will just be known as a “Rad Camp for Gender Noncomforming Boys and Their Parents“.

you are you (2)

(Jezebel) – Photographer Lindsay Morris has been documenting a summer camp for gender nonconforming boys and their parents. The photos are striking, and the whole experience sounds life-changing and life-affirming for the boys and their parents.

The four-day camp exists so gender nonconforming boys “don’t have to look over their shoulders, and they can let down their guard. Those are four days when none of that matters, and they are surrounded by family members who support them,” Morris told Slate. She’s putting together a put on the camp, which will be available in Summer 2014.

The weekend is spent encouraging the kids to be themselves, and that includes makeup lessons, wardrobe changes, and fashion shows. Uh, so in other words: The best camp.

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YOU ARE YOU – This project documents the experience of gender non-conforming and transgender biological boys at an annual weekend family camp. Camp You Are You (whose name has been changed to protect the privacy of the participants) offers a temporary safe haven where gender-variant boys can freely express their interpretations of femininity alongside their parents and siblings. These images represent the spirit of the children as they shine in an atmoshpere of support. Here they can be true to their inner nature without feeling the need to look over their shoulders.

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Photos Lindsay Morris

Reminder, these are all little boys…

Can anyone tell me how adults, secluded at camp, dressing little boys up like little girl prostitutes is courageous, brave and healthy?

How is it even legal?


  1. N. Dizneer

    yep,..that’s pretty much what will greet the invading hordes of barbarians,….but in the meantime,..how’z bout charging them parents with child abuse?

    • You are uninformed. These children suffer from gender identity disorder. They have male bodies but their brain tells them they are female. This is well-established in research. Do a web search and you will find out.

      • Ron Stover

        Isn’t this cute?! Mr. Schott is so naive that he doesn’t even get it that you need to be an uneducated product of multiple generations of inbreeding to post a comment on this site.

        God bless you Robert for being a human being. And a decent one and an informed one at that.

        Thank you for being the one person here to tell the the truth. Everybody else here apparently thinks that it’s a virtue to lie.

  2. Betty Butter

    I don’t give a whit what two gay men do, even if they want to “eat da poo poo,” that’s their business, but this is sick.

    I hope the day comes when women will be drafted into combat because on that day, you’ll see women all over crying about the differences between the sexes, and they won’t be pushing little boys to be girls and little girls to be boys.

    As for the damage that can be done to a little boy who is forced to be a girl I would suggest they read the book “As Nature Made Him: The Boy who was Raised as a Girl” by John Colapinto. They botched his circumcision when he was a baby, so they just decided to cut everything else off and raise him as a girl like he wouldn’t know the difference. He hated playing with dolls. He hated being a girl. In fact, he attempted suicide (or something like that) when his parents decided it was time to tell him the truth.

    • Boot Birnbaum


      It’s really disturbing isn’t it? These are the gifs posted under the article at Jezebel:

      These people applaud this. I still don’t know how a group of adults (parents or not) are allowed to gather in a camp in the woods and dress little boys up in whorish makeup, high heels and mini-skirts.

      • Whoopie

        NAMBLA grooming the next generation of gay prey.
        Best part, because they got the parent’s permission, there’s nobody to complain to the cops.

        Too bad for Jerry Sandusky, he’ll miss all the fun sitting in prison.

        • Kati

          For what I sincerely hope yet doubt will be the last time trans/gender nonconforming=/=gay=/=pedophile=/=trans/gender nonconforming. Now, I’m certain that there is at least one gay trans pedophile out there but those are far from the norm, which is cis straight men.

        • Bohemianwriter1


          And if you had the power, you would forcibly close the camp and sent the kids to Bachmanns “husbands ” “Pray the Gay Away” scam?

          Who are these kids hurting?

          Whom are you to pass judgment?

      • mienna1

        Are you really that dumb? Those gifs are NOT people applauding this camp, idiot. They are clips taken from various functions and shows and all. One is from a MOVIE scene and a television show respectively. It amazes me the level of just plain stupid some people come up with to try to back up their point. And my issue is not with your feelings about this camp.. my issue is with people trying to warp things een further by posting fake shit to try to hammer it home. SMH

    • Kati

      Gay=/=gender nonconforming. Trans people, intersex people, and people who have stepped outside the gender binary all together may be gay, straight, bi, pan, asexual, or something else entirely.

      I don’t believe in the draft, for men or for women, but believe that as long as there is a requirement to sign up for selective service, women should be required to do so just as much as men should. Being drafted or enlisting in the military won’t make them less accepting of trans people and others outside the gender binary. If they get stationed in any of the many places where they recognize more than just the two genders (pretty much everywhere but the west), it might even make them more tolerant.

      Do yourself a favor and don’t use books you haven’t read as evidence. John Colapinto was not raised as a girl nor, to the best of my knowledge, did doctors botch his circumcision. He was writing about David Reimer. Reimer committed suicide in 2004. Now you are spot on in that this shows the great deal of damage that can be done by raising someone as the wrong gender but it only applies here as proof of why this camp is a good thing. Trans children who’s parents aren’t accepting show much of the same psychological damage that Reimer showed and children who’s parents are accepting don’t.

    • Jessica

      Don’t you think little boys who feel stuck in their own bodies feel the same exact way?? Have some compassion. This isn’t adults FORCING little boys into girls clothes. Some boys just like to play dress up, and they can do it here in the safe confines of this camp.

      • Ronan

        My first time was at Halloween in the eight grade I went out dressed as a girl..sister’s hot skirt..thong…crouch-less hose ..two boys wanted to make love to me and I had to prove to them I was a real boy…Show and tell thing. Like the air going up my hind end..Go out as much as I can now dressed as a girl now..Girls are so lucky and can were nice things and the only thing a boy gets is a shitty looking pants and a shirt to put on. Like been in North Korea..no freedom but just brain washing..

    • Cathy

      That kind of proves the camps point doesn’t it? What happened was, the baby was born a boy. They made him live in a girls body and live a girls life. He kept on protesting that he wanted to be a boy even though he was raised as a girl. Their therapist made him have sex with his twin brother, in a forced attempt to teach him to be a girl.

      Once he found out he was born a boy, he tried to get a sex change back. Both he and his brother never recovered from the abuse and I believe they both killed themselves.

      So, this camp lets boys who feel that they should have been born a girl, act like a girl away from society so nobody will judge them. These young boys feel like killing themselves because they have to live a boys life even though they feel like girls. If anything, that story helps the camps case.

    • beth

      fuck you and your parents! got that. GODDAMM IT! I think its there human American right to wear what ever kind of clothes want to wear, goddamm .
      I am so sick of people judging how other people dress, especially in America.

      • Whoopie

        Yeah Beth, and we’re sick of people judging us for judging them.

        “Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying civilization”

        • Ivi

          Wow whoopie. That’s some f’d up logic. So basically you are saying that the people in the wrong are not the people who are choosing to judge everyone and oppress others, but actually the people who being hated for being who they are or at least sympathetic to the oppressed? So according to your logic, we should be on the side of the people who would beat up someone for being the wrong skin color or gender? Hmm that actually sounds cultish to me… Or even actually like a gangbanger or even nazi mentality. You should get checked for being a sociopath.

    • Eyeswideopen

      Exactly because his brain was telling him something was wrong because it was. So what that proves is you cant force it upon someone. So why blame the parents. GID is a reality the same as other medical conditions that a person may be born with, they cant help it, its just how they are wired up. If you woke up in the morning and you had been given the body of the opps gender you would be going crazy because you know it isnt you and you then get different treatment by other people that didnt match how you feel you should be treated. Everytime you go to the toilet you would get a reminder of what shouldnt be there. People with GID go through this everyday of their lives from the point they realise whats going on some from very early others later. Let people be who they are and worry about yourself and how your gonna make it through life. To much time and energy spent judging good people when theres real filth out there.

      • Mark

        I think it is actually to prevent people like you – right-wingers with a fixation on homosexual – from hanging around the camps.

        The modern day right-winger – You can’t live with them and it seems you can’t live without them.

        As Kati & Jessica pointed out, this is designed as a safe place for boys who aren’t comfortable in their genders. What is wrong with that?

        It does seem like the most right-wingers are self-hating closet gays. Only you guys could take a story like this and pervert it with your fantasies.

        • Ukulelemike

          Mark, dude, when you were 5, did YOU know anything about ‘gender identification’? This is all being indoctrinated into them, information they’re not ready for. They are being groomed. When I was five I played dress-up, but eventually I became an adult and a man and am happy to be so. If the goofy things I did as a kid were used as a reason to indoctrinate me into being a sissy, I’d have been screwed up, too.

          Its al about normalizing mental illness and abnorma behaviour. Kinsey did this world no good with his ‘studies’, where they masturbated infants to show they were ‘sexualized’ at a young age. Filthy man-hope he’s enjoying his time in Hell.

          • Mark

            Actually dude. I never dressed up as a girl when I was 5 or at any other age. But it looks like you did. No wonder you are mad at this camp. They are doing something that you were denied. I get it. But try being a “man” and accepting that just because you were denied something that does not mean that everyone else has to suffer the same fate. Man up, dude.

          • Louise

            Ukelelemike I think you hit the nail on the head. A lot all kids go through a period between kindergarten (when first being formally educated and interacting with other kids on a more complex social level) where they kind of go back and forth between their masculine/feminine sides. We all have both. This ‘transgender’ bullshit is just that—bullshit. I am very open minded, have some close friends who i absolutely adore who live ‘alternative’ lifestyles. It’s not about judging or hating. It’ about trying to get to the heart of the matter because there is no such nonsense as “I’m really a woman trapped in a man’s body” or vice-versa.

            I went through a time during that age range, from about 6 or 7, until junior high where I was a major tomboy. I identified with my ‘masculine’ side, if you will a lot easier than my feminine side. Clothes, walk, talk, toys I played with, kids I hung out with, etc. But I had sesnsible adults around and I was able to realize that this was just a part of my development into being the type of woman I was growing into. It was never suggested that it had a damn thing to do with my sexuality!!! I’m—still tomboyish as hell, never was girlie-girlie, my closest friend is like “un-feminine” like me. I was supported by my parents and peers, but was also raised to understand that I was a girl, and that’s how God made me, and that was that. I LOVE men, happily marrried to one for 20 years, LOVED being a mom (2 awesome son’s), and I still am not the most feline type as far as my dress, personality,etc. But I sure clean up nice when I want to. “Dare to be different” . . . those parents are taking that way, way too far.

          • Wolfeye

            It doesn’t mention how old these children are, but by the look of them, I’d guess between 5 and 7. Fact is, by that age you KNOW your gender identity. Imagine the girliest girl on the face of the planet. Dolls, dresses, tea parties– you name it. Everything she wants to do on this earth is girlified. Now take her personality and toss it into a male body. That’s a transsexual person (incorrectly referred to as “transgender” quite often, but I’ll let it slide I suppose, I wouldn’t expect the conservative author to understand. All the ignorance and intolerance and such).
            Now, regard to it if you wish a “mental illness” (It was actually removed from the list of mental illnesses and considered natural) but there are two key issues here. 1. Gender identity of that sort is a man-made thing. For example, pink used to be a boys color, now it is only for girls. We take what we want and demonize it with a “boy” or “girl” label. 2. Transsexualism is an issue of imbalanced hormones. Just because they were born with a boy part doesn’t really make them such. Their entire personality and world view is from a female perspective. It actually psychologically hurts them to suppress that.

            I’m as straight and as anti-screwing kids up as the next guy. But I care to be sensible about this and take it from a science standpoint: These kids know their gender identity, and they aren’t hurting anyone by expressing it (it’d hurt them not to!). They *want* to do this. The conservative media may put a vast amount of spin in the direction against science, but that doesn’t make it any less real.

            • R.U.

              Its so sad i feel sorry for you, i mean for someone to be such a miserable rotten person that you visit such hate about something that has nothing to do with you. You must think its ok for these children to be repressed to the point they commit suicide, cuz the numbers keep rising its now upwards of 43% commit suicide on or before the 19th birthday, so by all means continue your hate as you are partially responsible for the deaths of those kids as you contribute to the hate and stigma that anyone transgender experiences. Way to go you certainly made the world a better place with the hate and pseudo science.

      • Bohemianwriter

        So what’s your problem with diversity?

        I mean, you live in a country that tolerates 40 year adolescents waving their guns around as if they were still 5.

      • Bohemianwriter

        Gotta hate those “uber libs” who let their kids be themselves without the scorn of the likes of you for a little while…

        I mean, you RWers send your kids to Jesus camp to brainwash them into become a Christian style taliban..

        Bringing up kids in deeply religious and conservative families screws them up far more than letting their cross dressing kid express themselves for a few days.

        But then again. RWers always hated freedom and liberty when it comes to the core…

    • tblpoet@hotmail.com

      The biggest welfare recipients are poor, white, conservative trash who hates everybody else’s freedom except their own narrow minded version of “freedom”…
      Like freedom to bully, harass, and drive kids whom are different from you either to suicide, or it’s people like you who make their lives miserable from the start.

      People like you are proving the exact point of WHY a camp like this is necessary for these kids.

  3. Fen

    You know, just a thought here, but how about we hold off on the gender bending until these kids hit puberty and decide for THEMSELVES that this is indeed what they want to do. Young people are impressionable, and parents’ approval or disapproval can sway a young child one way or the other. Let’s wait with all the dresses and make up and gushing applause for gender bending until the actual person himself reaches an age where he can confidently say that this is the road he wants to go down.

    • Kati

      Very young children can recognize gender and frequently express their own around 3 or 4. While I think that 3 or 4 is too young to apply the trans label (and they did not), allowing your children to express themselves in the very harmless manner of dressing in the clothing commonly associated with the opposite gender is a good thing. If they are trans then it will show that it is safe to express that and they won’t grow up feeling judged or shamed by their own parents. If they aren’t, it still shows that you are trustworthy and will come to you with other things. Trans children do better if they take puberty suppressing drugs until they can make the choice to begin cross sex hormone therapy once they are adults. As that is fully reversible (whereas cross sex hormone therapy is not) it seems a good compromise.

        • Mark

          Ah…that is so open minded of you. Let me guess – you are another of the self-hating closet right-wingers running around. Am I right? I thought so.

          • Jo

            because that’s what he said.

            I went to school with a liberal atheist who said he “hated gays”. I don’t support homosexuality and never will but I’m a Con leaning Independent Christian. I could guess about you too- another hateful out-of-the-closet left winger running around? See, it’s not nice, is it?

  4. Jacob_Denmark

    In the first place: If the people behind this article are so much against this camp, how come they have uploaded all of Lindsay Morris’ photos as illustrations to the article.
    In the second place. If all of you feel that these dresses are so degrading to the boys, how come you don’t object to the pictures being used in this articles.
    In the third place: I have gone through the photos and by far most pictures are of boys wearing pretty ordinary age appropriate dresses.
    In the fourth place: There are boys and girls who are (for lack of a better expression) born in the wrong body. I have met quite a few of them, actually mostly boys, born in a girl’s body, who weren’t happy (or at least close to being happy), until they were treated as, and allowed to dress as the gender that they feel they belong to.
    This camp is for boys, who feel like girls, not for boys, whose parents want to abuse them mentally (or physically for that matter) by forcing them to wear dresses and make up. It is not a camp for pedophiles, who want to abuse small boys or masturbate while looking at small boys wearing dresses.
    It is a place, where boys, who identify themselves as girls, are ALLOWED to wear dresses and engage in the kind of games that young girls often enjoy, for instance playing with dolls. It is a place, where boys are not forced to play with toy cars, play football, climb trees and so on. But I am sure that noone stops them, if they want to engage in those boys’ activities as well. So this article and the comments clearly misrepresent what this camp is all about.

    • Mr. Anonymous

      Are you kidding me? “Boys in age-appropriate dresses” is a phrase that should never even be uttered. And what are you even talking about? No one objects to the photos in the article? That is the whole reason for posting this article; it is outrageous!

      Also, you cannot be “born in the wrong body”, because it all depends on the X-Y or X-X chromosomes. There is NO SUCH THING as a man with a woman’s brain, as a “woman’s brain” would have developed the person into a woman from the start. I believe that every person should thank God for the life they have.

      Of course, if you don’t believe in God, there really is no reason to believe that this is a bad thing. Since it is politically incorrect to believe that any one religion is true over another, society wants us all to be “god-less”. Without a God to give us a set of moral standards, who determines what is right and what is wrong?

      Maybe I’ll get a lot of hate for this, but it is just what I believe. No, I am not a “homophobe” (which is a ridiculous word to even use), but I do not think that it is okay to force kids who are still learning about what is right and wrong to be something that they are not. Boys are never forced to play with toy cars, or play football (unless they have parents who don’t listen to them at all). Even just saying that implies that they have a CHOICE, and are not born that way…

      • Boot Birnbaum


        I have to agree.
        At that age they are products of their environment. Someone, somehow along the way planted the little seed in their heads that it was okay to dress like a girl and wear makeup.

        • Mark

          Yup. It is all a product of their environment. Just like former VP Cheney’s daughter. She is gay and we all know why, don’t we? Her dad. That is one closet gay dude. No wonder he felt the need to prove his “manhood”. All that talk about torture and going to war without any justification. If that is not a case of a classic gay guy, I don’t know what is.

          So with that kind of dad, no wonder Mary Cheney is gay. Product of her environment.

          • Eyeswideopen

            HAHA. Are you really saying that being gay is taught? I believe I would be correct to say your not gay. So your parents if they had decided to could of some how taught you to be gay and you would of been gay. Your logic not mine. That is totaly bullshit at its highest form. Someone mentioned The Boy who was Raised as a Girl. So born a male, raised as a female, decided somethings not right dispite my ENVIRONMENT being female and my PARENTS saying im a female I am in fact a male. Distroying your point there environment clearly does not play a part

      • Ukulelemike

        Actually, even people who don’t believe in God should object, because from a naturalistic, ‘evolutionary’ point of view, this is an aberration of nature, and can harm the gene pool and mark the end of a species. There is a reason no animals are ‘homosexual’-because if they were, that species would destroy itself. Only man is stupid enough to think its a good idea.

        Of course there IS a God and He loves these folks like He does anyone else, but He has also given a warning against those who would hurt the little ones, that it would be better for a millstone to be put around their neck and cast into the sea, than to hurt these little one. And these folks are, indeed, hurting them, not helping them, by encouraging them to indulge their childish folishness, rather than reproving them and teaching them something better, that life doesn’t revolve around them and what they want.

        • D


          I’d just like to point out that their are DOCUMENTED cases of HOMOSEXUAL ANIMALS in nature. Perhaps you should do a bit of research before you make such a broad statement?

          • Jo

            wow, doing what animals do. I’m so proud of humanity.

            perhaps you’d like to get some common sense before you make such a statement?

          • Nomad

            Actually, D, there are cases of “homosexuality” in nature, not of “homosexuals”. I don’t know this, but I would imagine that what is seen in nature is more frequently bisexuality, which doesn’t carry the procreative “baggage” that exclusive homosexuality does.

            Only in the past couple centuries have we started labeling people as intrinsically “homosexual”. IMO it was a bad idea.

        • Kati

          What does god have to do with any of this? The bible doesn’t say a word about trans people or gender variant people.

          Homosexuality has been observed in over 1500 animal species including bison, lions, fruit flies, bed bugs, swans, some ducks, penguins (ever read And Tango Makes Three?) both river and regular dolphins, bonobos (one of the two species most closely related to us), and humans. Only somewhere between 3-10% of the human population is exclusively homosexual. With 7 billion of us on the planet and since being gay doesn’t stop people from having children I don’t see the danger. Some trans people are still able to reproduce if they haven’t started hormone therapy or had hysterectomies/vaginoplasties and trans/gender variant people are uncommon (not wrong, just uncommon) so it is unlikely that they would put a serious dent on population growth. Also, you know trans/gender variant is not the same as gay, right?

          Again, I’m not sue what god has to do with it, since it wasn’t important enough for him to put it in his book, but it isn’t hurting children to allow them to be true to themselves. In fact, it’s just the opposite; accepting your kid for what he/she is reduces the suicide rate among trans youth and makes kids that are just going through a phase trust you. I don’t see the harm in letting someone do what they want when it isn’t hurting anyone.

          • Jo

            Oh, only the fact that it says not to dress as the opposite gender.

            ” I don’t see the harm in letting someone do what they want when it isn’t hurting anyone.”

            Because God says it’s wrong. because many people are offended by it (you know, like many gays are offended by the idea of traditional marriage despite it not hurting them). This is a very unsafe way of thinking. Sooner or later people will be saying the same for bestiality (“but it’s not hurting you!”) Not trying to be rude, just answering you.

          • Kati

            Trans people aren’t dressing in the clothing of the opposite gender, they are dressing in the clothing of their own. God doesn’t say a word in the whole bible about trans people.

            Gay people aren’t offended by opposite sex marriage (traditional marriage has rarely been one man on one woman), they are fighting for marriage equality. No gay person is saying you can’t marry someone of the opposite sex, just that you cannot keep them from marrying someone of the same sex. As for trans people offending others, if you are offended by someone else’s gender, you are the one with the issues, not them.

            Homosexuality involves consensual sex with a same gendered partner. Trans involves the sex and the gender being at odds. Both of those requires consent from the person (people) involved. Bestiality involves sex with an animal who is incapable of consent. That is totally different.

      • D

        Mr. Anonymous,

        You do realize that “sex” and “gender” are not the same thing. “Sex” implies the genitals and X-Y or X-X chromosomes (as you so intelligently brought up), and “Gender” is the psychology of a person and how they identify (i.e. as a boy or a girl). It is true that the physical and psychological are often the same in people, but that is not always the same; the two are NOT the same.

        You mention that children should not be “forced” to be something that they are not, but wouldn’t that apply to boys being forced to be boys WHILE the boy thinks that they are female? It is true that these children are still learning about gender; however, who is to say what their gender should be? Why should what is in-between your legs dictate who you are? It seems to me that what you and others are condemning about this camp (forced gender roles) is the same thing that you would/are do(ing). The only difference is that forcing sex and gender to be the same is the traditional route. It is not necessarily better than gender neutral or gender bending is. It is evident that the traditional route can be just as damaging as you claim this camp to be. The traditional route often produces confused adolescents and adults who don’t know who they are. I’m in favor of this camp because it is PROGRESSIVE and ACCEPTING of who these children view themselves as.

        Lastly, in response to your comment on boys not being forced to play with masculine toys and that that implies they have “choice”, does that mean that you would be okay if the boy chose NOT to play with a toy car and chose a barbie doll instead? Or would you insist that little boys don’t play with dolls and by doing so enforce traditional gender roles and “shaming” of the boy? Doesn’t that negate your claim of “choice”?

      • Bohemianwriter

        You don’t know what you are talking about, do you?

        Both phobia, bigotry, anti-science AND ignorance all rolled up into one

        There are some people who are born with a double set of cromosomes: XX -XY cromosomes. Many of these have both feminine and masculine traits.

        As far as the brain goes, one have studied the brain of a transgender woman and measured it with the brain of a male. The transgendered woman is similar to the brain of a CIS gendered woman. Hence, what you are born with between your legs, does not always coincide with your brain, and how you are inside.

        Imagine if you woke up tomorrow with a female body, yet have the same masculine traits and feelings as you have today.

        I’ve studied history, philosophy, world religions and psychology, and find this subject fascinating. That our human race has such diversity as we have, and that this binary gender ideology creates an inorganic conformist society where no transgression from the artificial boundaries set up by power structures to dictate how people live their lives…

  5. Betty Butter

    There’s an irony here in all of this. If you go to any school in America, the most feminine girls who really would rather wear dresses, are instead relegated to wearing jeans, and overall masculine clothing, i.e. in everyday dress (I’m not talking about special occasions). They would be ridiculed if they went to school every day dressed like the boys above.

    • Mr. Bippy

      You are right about that, Betty!!!!!!!!!!!! The society today is mostly a bunch of dysfunctional rejects. Good is evil and evil is good. Up is down and down is up. Women who want to be feminine are despised, and they push for boys to wear dresses which hardly any women will even wear anymore. It’s ridiculous!

      • Betty Butter

        Thank you Mr. Bippy. I myself, wear dresses everyday behind closed doors. When I go to the grocery store, I don my street clothes, i.e. jeans and a T-shirt.

  6. Ms. Anonymous

    According to M.A.-parents are “forcing” their children to go to these camps and participate. You clearly have few to no close gay friends. Most gay people know that they’re gay their entire lives. When they’re young they may not understand the sexual nature of it, but lots of young males enjoy dressing up as females. I’ve seen it firsthand growing up. I’m sure parents can see proclivities in their children and thankfully, find a way to make them comfortable. You KNOW how cruel children as well as other adults can be. No, no one is forcing the kids to play football, but you’re telling me, that little boy wouldn’t be ruthlessly made fun of for playing with dolls? If God created a little boy who enjoys dressing up, then it’s wonderful that there’s now a place he can be comfortable doing so and see that’s he’s not alone. Much better than feeling like a freak later on as a teenager- outcast and isolated -which sadly oftentimes leads to depression and suicide. The key point here is the parents. I highly doubt they’re dragging their children kicking and a screaming to the camp. They love their kids and know what’s good for them far better than YOU do. As for the word “homophobe”, you said it, not me.

    • Betty Butter

      I’ve had dozens of gay friends. My mother was bi-sexual, I spent three years as a child in a lesbian household. I took my spouse to a drag queen party on our second date. Later, my spouse and I were only one of three heterosexual couples in our apartment building. We lived in a neighborhood Denverites referred to as Queen Hill. We shopped at the King Soopers, which we called Queen Soopers.

      What I am most thankful for, is that in the days when I lived in a lesbian household, it was the “don’t ask, don’t tell era,” (mid-1960’s) and I, as a child, didn’t have to think about my sexuality, my mother’s sexuality, my mother’s partner’s sexuality, or anyone’s sexuality. And this was a good thing, because I already had enough trials and tribulations to deal with without having to deal with all that. In other words, I was allowed to be a child, and so were we all, back then. Nowadays, little girls are sexed up and expected to give boys blow jobs as a good night kiss by the time they are 16. It’s sickening, and mark my words, there will be a backlash from it.

      • max

        i cant even begin to describe how happy i will be once your generation finally dies off. the world will be so much a better place.

        so your honestly telling that you believe girls are being groomed to give blowjobs as goodnight kisses by the time there 16? wile i deeply hope your purposely exaggerating(though i doubt you are.), i have to ask. WHAT PLANET DO YOU LIVE ON?!

        cause on the earth that i live on, kids are allowed to be kids more now than they ever were in the “dont ask, dont tell” era. children are very curious beings, and they want to ask a lot of questions that parents may not be comfortable answering. are you telling me you a little kid in the 60s and you never wondered why your mother was living with another woman instead of your father? i dont buy that for second.

        these days children are allowed to be curious and ask questions. there allowed to experiment with things there parent werent. i honestly wish this camp had existed when i was little.

        being a crossdresser myself(and no, i dont do it for sexual thrills. i do it because i like the clothes and i look good in them.) i can tell you that i knew i enjoyed girls clothes as young as 6. and many that i’ve spoken to say they knew as young as 3. so the question of knowing your gender identity at this age is completely irrelevant. most if not all kids know what they like by the time there 5.

        and believe you me, i was NOT groomed to think this way. my parents were very strick about traditional gender roles. my dad started taking me hunting and fishing when i was 3. i was made to play baseball, basketball, and they even tried to get me to play football, but i flat out refused. you know what i wanted to do? beauty pageants. did i tell my parents i wanted to do that?hell no i didnt. and i dont think i have to explain why. (which i now have a whole big rant about kids under 13 being in beauty pageants too, but thats completely a different debate.)

      • Bohemianwriter

        So what’s your solution?

        Going back to the “good old days” where kids like the ones above got KILLED for their gender identity?

        Put it blunt: It’s people like you who set things up for LGBT kids being beaten, bullied, killed or driven to suicide.

        Every single suicide or hate crime committed against these people are blood on your hands…

        Imagine if you woke up tomorrow in a MANs body, and still had your femininity and female instincts. Would you conform how you fee inside to your new MALE body, or would you do anything to change it back?

        This is the harsh reality for many of these kids. And here we have is a “open minded” ignorant who flags her bigotry all the way to WBC and RNC….

    • Mary Blasco

      Is it not better to find out why this is taking place in our humanity. The body of a man is created to harmonize with the woman. Why are we morphing and altering our make-up?…. Even when you make a bridge, the screw and nut (male and female) have to fit or the bridge will collapse. Everything in nature was made with intelligence to work accordingly. The woman’s body is to nurture her young and the man’s is to bring about the continuation of the race. Together they become one flesh and one body through their offspring. We have just become sexual objects only concerned with the pleasures of our bodies. Children are sponges and pick up on what society is dictating and what they hear. The psychologists have given up and have accepted all these changes as normal. In my opinion, something is happening and just like any other cause like eg;- autism,, it should be researched because we are dealing with too many of these ills in our society. (Travesties, Transsexuals, He-She, She-He, Wrong bodies, men who dress as women but like them. etc….Do all these fall under the category of Homosexuality?

      • max

        no in fact, they dont. i fail to see why asked that idiotic question. sexuality and gender identity are to completely separate things.

        transvestites, transexuals, heshe, shehe, wrong bodies, men who dress as women but like them, etc… no they dont fall under homosexuality. you really need to look up the definition of homosexuality. i honestly dont even know what else to say that rediculous comment.

        and for you information, these things have been researched. for centuries. many cultures believe transgendered people to be god-like. and these cultures have thrived for thousands of years, so clearly there doing something right.

        “together they become one flesh and one body through their offspring”

        oh wow…. where to being on this little beauty.

        firstly, this overly romanticized view of getting knocked up is completely outdated. science is VERY close being able to create DNA out of almost nothing. this means we can synthesize the DNA necessary to make a viable fetus with no biological parents. take as much time as you need to wrap your head around that.

        secondly, humans, along with all other animals, ARE sexual creatures. sex is necessary for the survival of the race. therefore our brains make it the most important thing in the world to us. thats why sex feels so amazing.

        and psychologists never gave up on understanding transgenderism/transexualism. they gave up on demonizing it, because they realized that its completely natural.

  7. Jonneke

    Man, what an aggression in these comments. Nobody was forced. Kids were free to behave and dressed as they liked.
    I can completely understand they wanted a secluded and private camp if there are people around – like yourselves – so vehemently fuming over a few innocent pics of boys in dresses and high heels.
    I think they look great.
    So what if they grow up and still feel this way? Good for them.

    Yes, boys can feel like they are girls, and vice versa. Sorry if you don’t like it, but it is the way it is.
    Gender dissociation is different from being gay (aka sexually attracted to the same sex).
    And between the XX/XY-sex chromosomes you were conceived with and your physical appearance, let alone the way your brain is wired, there are a load of steps which can go an other way than planned or expected.

    • monty

      i can’t thank you enough for saying what you said, and you actually seem to understand what the fuck you’re talking about, unlike most of these excuses for potential parents
      people saying crossdressing=gay are really kind of ignorant, true you can be gay and crossdress but that’s not always the case

  8. Robert Bouchard, Jr.

    I was just wondering how all that could be legal. Somebody needs to contact Child Protective Services here in Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Kevin

    This is disturbing. This is bringing the treatment of young boys 1 step from that of the bacha bazi, or (dancing boys) of many Islamic countries.

  10. cindy wohl

    how do I get this on face book?
    I am appalled at this atrocity! It’s time to pray America!!! 2ond chron. 2:14 If my people who call themselves by my name will HUMBLE THEMSELVES and PRAY and SEEK my face and TURN from their WICKED WAYS, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land. I encourage everyone to read Joel ch 2 as well. It’s time to get serious people of GOD!!!

  11. big al

    This isn’t an outake from the “Onion” or is perhaps the National Lampoon planning a big comeback?

  12. This is absolutely disgusting – have these boys probably think its funny and neat to play dress up! Like when my 3 year takes his sisters nail polish and parades around with her purse on his arm! I will say it like my husband ….. I can guarantee there’s no QUERR in him!!! What the hell people … Why do so many of you parents find it fine for these schools or classes to indoctrinate our children with such family matters – our society is so screwed up on how to raise children

    • max

      im confused as to whether your for or against this camp. you say your son dresses in his sisters things, and yet your sure theres no gay in him. but then you insult the parents taking there kids this camp.

      could you be a little more clear?

      also, yes, most of them probly do just think its fun and “neat” to dress up in girls clothes and make-up. but statistically speaking most of them will grow out of that desire. but some will continue it for the rest of there lives. being a life-long crossdresser (and not for sexual reasons. just because i enjoy it.) myself i can tell you the desire to dress up never goes away.

      also, a few of them probly will become transgender and/or transexual when there older.

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  15. Lulu

    Everyone who has a problem with this is a dumbass. Just like kids can be very young when they realize they are gay it’s the same with being transgender. It’s not fake, just because you don’t understand that everyone is different doesn’t give you a reason to judge them. Most parents would not force their children to be a different gender, yeah there are some stories where they do but it’s not like it happens all the time. My god. People these days can be unbelievably ignorant.

  16. Mister D

    What is all the fuss about! We dress our girls as boys all the time hell there are more girls dressing as guys than guys dressing as girls. If is wrong for the boys then it is wrong for the girls and to tell you the truth it is way to late to stop either one male or female.

  17. Devin morley

    Where is this camp at my son wants to go so bad and me as his dad who also loves to dress female please let me know

  18. Ellen Shaver

    O K , I have stopped as I was copying you’re responses and I want to say FOR THE RECORD , NOT all Cross dressing leads to Gay behavior , nor does it mean someone is Gay !

    I wanted to be a girl from the time I was 6 . I’m not Gay. Infact , I despise many gays over their actions and loose sex practices and their attitudes towards people like us . I consider myself a asexual transwoman . I do not date . I have no feelings for same sex anything , nor do I now wish to have an intimate affair with a man .

    Men, get over it , women have been raiding our clothes for years and you think it’s sexy !

  19. Eyeswideopen

    God? Which God objects to this? Is it the same God that some people seem to think tells them to blow things up and kill people because they dont believe the same as them, or because they live differently. Wake uppppppppppp people. Decide how you feel about it yourself and leave religion at the door. If any religious book said right now shoot yourself in the head at the end of it would you all do it?

  20. mephodie

    It is unfortunate that this camp name and location still has to remain secret! It is past time for the “Transgender Movement” to be open, public, and protected from abuse! The freedom of gender expression should be protected as a basic human right! Gender orientation and sexual orientation are separate issues but both are deserving of respect and freedom!

  21. Mat

    This article sickens me. The camp is made for children to express themselves and learn who they truly are without judgement.
    From someone who is transgender, this is the sort of acceptance I wish I had as a teen. I would have understood so much more than I did when I was young. It hurts to see so many people acting like this is a bunch of parents forcing their children into dresses or something. No, this is a place where parents allow their children to be who they truly are inside. It’s beautiful.

  22. Ned

    What I have read is usual and not at all surprising. I have just one thought and that is this; I see dads and mother dressing their little girls in boys clothing and now it is even allowed in the schools. Funny little Nancy can walk in to little Johnny room and wear what ever she likes to, now on the other hand let little Johnny go and wear something little Nancy’s he become a bloody mess for DAD does not want any girly boy in his house; “I’ll be Damned!” Now how come girls can dress and act like guys or men and the boys are not to even think about dressing as girls. Here is the funny part of all of this and that is the biggest and bad men who will beat any other guy to a bloody mess – On Halloween night, they all show up at the local greasy spoon: guess like what? But girls from the skin out and think it is so cool! All I see hypocrisy!

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