3 Feb 2012 News & Misc Headlines Courtesy Of Super Bowl XLVII Cheerleaders

For those that care about football…



Or food:


Or Bill Maher explaining how Socialism makes the Super Bowl Awesome!

Meanwhile, in the real world:

Israel Matzav:  What’s it like to be ruled by Islamic terrorists?

Zilla:  “Do Something Even If It’s Wrong”

iOTW:  Pull, it out of the womb

I’m 41:  Sheriff Joe Arpaio Obama Update: New Evidence Will Convince Greatest Skeptic That Document Is 100% Forged

WND: Rove doubles down in war on conservatives

Weekly World News:  AL GORE BUYS 20 OIL WELLS

Town Hall:  A Romney for Senate?

The Volokh Conspiracy:  What to Do When Illiberal, Anti-Democratic Forces Take Power Through the Democratic Process

Flopping Aces:  Menendez: The noose tightens


Hot Air:  Video: The next president of the United States?

SWeasel: !bossofme

RWPike:  The Nightmare Before Congress

Nice Deb:  Issa Requesting More Info on Benghazi Attack



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