27 Jan 2013 Headlines Brought To You By, Maria Menounos Doing Yoga

Stretch it out…


Israel Matzav:  Ehud Barak: US has plans for surgical strike against Iran

Military:  Navy Orders Cuts to Begin; Thousands to Be Fired

Daily Kos:  Abbreviated Pundit Round-up   <—– know your enemy

Forbes:  Yes, That Legal Notice You Got From Facebook Is Real

Angry White Dude:  Is Feminism the Root of All Evil?

Creeping Sharia:  Illinois School District adding Muslim holiday, considers dropping Veterans & Presidents Days

Wired:  British and French Commandos Take Charge of Mali War

Larwyn’s Linx: Hands Off My Gun

Great Satan’s Girlfriend:  WoW!

Hope n’ Change:  Mind Over What Does It Matter

I’m 41:  Allen West: Most likely to run for president

iOTW: Kid President

Moonbattery: Food Stamp Fight

Nice Deb:  Obama’s Not a “Liberal” – He’s a Communist

PJ Media:  Where Did Piers Morgan Come From, Anyway?

The People’s Cube:  The People’s Cube to Attend National Review Institute Summit

also brought to you by Zilla

Bad Blue: Everything Else


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