• 20 Jan 2013 Headlines Courtesy Of Adriana Lima

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    14 News: Man creates special beer for dog

    TMZ: Rapper Shawty Lo My Cancelled Reality Show Ain’t Dead Yet!

    AOSHQ:  A look at the upcoming Senate races

    Atlas Shrugs:  Algeria’s Bloody Climax: Obama still silent after Muslim #savages kidnap and execute Americans in the cause of Islam

    Babalu:  Awww, those bourgeois bullies are so mean…. so, let’s kill them all !

    Trutv:  Hoarder Pinned For Days in His Home May Loose a Foot

    Doug Ross:  Larwyn’s Linx: Thousands of 2nd Amendment Supporters Rally in Albany

    Flopping Aces:  Oh come let us adore him

    Great Satan’s Girlfriend:  Wow!!

    I’m 41:  OMG NO! NOT ON A SUNDAY!!!

    Marezilla:  2nd Annual Zilla Awards – Part II

    iOTW:  Eminent Domain Abuse – THIS IS WHY YOU HAVE THE 2ND AMENDMENT

    Michelle Malkin:  Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin indicted on 21 counts of corruption

    Moonbattery:  Low-Info Voters on Obama’s Second Inauguration

    Nice Deb:  How Quaint: Former Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers a Keynote Speaker at Association of Teacher Educators Conference

    Power Line:  A timely reminder: Iran wants the bomb

    RW Pike:  Barack Obama Caricature Study

    The Other McCain:  Should @TedNugent And The NRA Just Morph Into A Political Party?

    Weasel Zippers:  Gun Violence Is In Democratic Strongholds, In “Obamerica”

    And now, a little smidgen of awesomeness…


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