IT Workers At Disney Sue For Racial Discrimination Over H1-B Visa Hires

Thirty former Walt Disney World information technology workers laid off and replaced by immigrants on H-1B visas sued the company this week, saying they were discriminated against on the basis of race and national origin.

Disney let go about 250 tech workers almost two years ago, bringing in foreigners working for outsourcing firms. Some employees had to train their foreign replacements.

Such use of H-1B visas is considered a way for companies to save money by hiring foreign workers who work for less pay.

In their previous lawsuit, Perrero and Moore said Disney and its outsourcing firms made false statements on certifications for the visa program. The H-1B program requires employers to state whether current employees would be “adversely affected” when a company hires foreign workers through the program.

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I have to hand it to them, this is a novel approach, using racism as a grounds to sue. They tried to sue on the grounds that Disney was abusing the H1-B visa rules but the judge effectively said that they lacked ‘standing’ to bring such a case. Ok, fine, then racism it is.

According to the law, employers are only allowed to hire H1-B visa migrants if they can not find US citizens to fill those jobs. But the fact that US workers are not only being replaced by these foreigners, they’re being forced to train them, proves that these migrants don’t have the same skill levels as the workers they’re replacing and that the employers are simply abusing the law as a way to cut costs.

Learn more about how the H1-B and L-1 visa programs have been restructured into a scam to destroy the American middle class (or in this case, the WHITE, middle class).

I hope these former employees win a “YUGE” judgement against Disney and it triggers an avalanche of similar lawsuits. Now that Trump is president, I’d advise companies like Disney to do the right thing and settle these cases before Trump’s Labor Dept. and the DOJ gets involved.

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