Win Or Lose, Trump Taught Us A Lesson


When the Huffington Post said it was only covering Trump in the Entertainment pages next to the Kardashians, Trump responded with “I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man. He made a good decision.” When Ann Coulter describes this moment in her book In Trump We Trust, she adds, “Imagine Mitt Romney doing that.” She’s right. It’s unfathomable. He was too wholesome and that’s exactly why he lost.

Trump taught us that taking the high road doesn’t work. He taught us that intellect and decency and turning the other cheek will only get you slapped in the face.

The only thing holding us back was our own restraint and if Hillary gets elected, “the chains are off.” We thought it too gauche to mention that Arianna Huffington is so bad in bed, her naked body drove a man to homosexuality. Well, it’s not. It’s fun and it’s funny.

I’m not recommending violence, but I won’t hit the fainting couch if it happens. They’ve been sucker punching us and anonymously sabotaging our lives for too long. It’s time to start punching down and hitting the crybullies where it hurts—in the face.

Read the entire thing at TakiMag:

I’ve been beating this drum for a long time. To quote George Patton, “America loves a fighter” and so it only follows that they detest a coward. And that’s what we on the Right have been.

How often have we heard the Left hyperventilate about Right-wing violence? But can you point to a single Right-wing riot in the last 60 years? No, you can’t. Violence, riots and vandalism have been the exclusive domain of the Left from as far back as I can remember.

Maybe it’s high time that changes.

We’re constantly reminded that violence doesn’t work. That it turns off voters. But who always tells us that? The Left. Meanwhile they routinely employ such tactics and has it hurt them in the eyes of voters? Hell NO!

Because, like Patton said, people respect a fighter. They admire someone willing to fight for what they believe. And they hope that a fighter will fight for them too (because they’re cowards).

It’s become increasingly apparent that you will never change anything by casting votes. This situation will only be resolved in the streets. To quote Rush, “Ours is a world governed by violence or the threat of violence.”

It’s not a sad commentary of the current state of affairs, that’s how it’s always been, since the fist caveman picked up a club and made himself leader of the tribe.

All governments since have ruled through intimidation. The threat that if you don’t obey their rules, they’ll send men with guns to make you comply (or kill you in the process).

It’s about time we got off our high horse and took off our white hats. To quote Rush once again, “The aggressor dictates the tactics” and “You can not win by being on the defensive.”

It’s time we took the fight to the Left using their own tactics against them. Until we resolve to, in the parlance of union thugs, “bust some heads” we will remain the losers in this cultural war.


  1. Betty Butter

    Arianna is a he-woman who switched political parties because she saw dollar signs in so doing, and being the clever man, like Al Gore, that he/she is, he/she was absolutely correct. Leftist claptrap pays big. Just ask Bernie Sanders. He knows.

  2. Sembawangbolo

    “We’re constantly reminded that violence doesn’t work. That it turns off voters. But who always tells us that?”

    People like Micheal Medved and other spineless RINOe wannabes tell us that. It’s all about the precious ‘independants’ (whoever the hell they are). They tell us if we’re too critical [about the left] that we’ll be perceived as “extreme” and we’ll chase them[independants] away back to the democrats–who are totally unhinged extremists. Go figure that ‘logic’!

    The Left needs a serious beat-down. RINOes need to be ignored and marginalized.

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