Whoopie’s Ron Paul Hatred Is About To Reach Critical Level

He may actually soil himself…



  1. Whoopie


    That was even worse that the crawl on CNN that read “Chris Kyle dead having never voiced any regrets.” Regrets? For what? Killing the enemy?
    I guess he was supposed to fall on his knees begging for forgiveness. Maybe go on Oprah and weep for the lives he took.

  2. Betty Butter

    Those who do not defend their nation from enemies will eventually be invaded. This is where big L libertarians like Ron Paul are off base. As for Chris Kyle, sniping was not his crime. Opening his trap by writing a book, and making his kills known to a world who hates us, bordered on treason. As for killing, in Buddhism, killing an evil person carries little karma compared to killing a good person or a Buddha. Even the Buddha had 500 men put to death in a previous reincarnation for slandering the law of karma, and this act, guaranteed enough good karma that he would never backslide on his path to enlightenment.

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