Wastebook Lists $5 Billion In Frivolous Government Spending

WASHINGTON — Sen. Jeff Flake highlights 50 examples of questionable, even frivolous federal spending in the latest edition of his government wastebook.

“Government boondoggles come in all shapes and sizes and pop up just about everywhere,” said Flake. “Hopefully this report will be a guide to catch egregious spending lurking in the federal budget.”

Flake targets a total of $1.5 million in grants through the National Science Foundation to test what happens when fish use treadmills.

Flake highlighted a $36,700 venture from the Environmental Protection Agency to create a version of the Berkshire region of Massachusetts in the “Minecraft” video game.

The FBI spent roughly $1.2 million to acquire and then remove an art installation from its Miami field office that made folks ill, according to Flake’s report.

Flake’s report points to $1.7 million from the Commerce Department for the National Comedy Center in Jamestown, N.Y., for holograms of comedians who have died.

West Virginia University drew scrutiny in Flake’s report for a $3.5 million study of why people fear dentists.

Additional details:

These are probably the worst examples but the full report lists $5 billion in wasteful spending. Actually, now that Obama is leaving, I think congress or someone needs to do a full accounting of where Obama’s nearly trillion dollar stimulus went.

You know, all them “shovel ready jobs” that to quote Obama “Weren’t as shovel ready as I thought, haha.”

$880 billion got added to the national debt and we have nothing to show for it. Not a bridge, not a road, not a tunnel, not a school or a hospital. The money just seems to have vanished into thin air.

And that’s not counting cash for clunkers, cash back to purchasers of silly electric cars, failed investments in solar and wind scams. Federal grants to every hare brained, crackpot scheme and Left-wing money laundering organization imaginable. All in all, Obama managed to piss away $10 trillion, nearly doubling the debt America accrued in the previous 230 years.

It’s hard to conceive, but America would have to cough up over $20 trillion just to be able to brag that were flat broke.

And if you think that doesn’t matter and there won’t be consequences somewhere down the line then you were either a Hillary or Bernie supporter. Sane people know better.

Thanks Obama.

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