Video Dufus Blows Himself Up With Fireworks

A topless prankster made an exploding vest out of firecrackers and set them off during a bizarre stunt.

Zacharias Holmes is forced to jump head first into a mound of snow when his make-shift vest explodes over his bare skin, during a video filmed at an unknown location in the US.

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Obviously he’s too stupid (and fat) to live much longer but you’d think someone associated with this moron would have wits enough to suggest this was a dumb idea.

And would anybody be surprised if he turned out to be a Hillary supporter?

Perhaps for his next video stunt he’d consider putting the muzzle of a shotgun in his mouth and pulling the trigger with his toe.

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  1. Sembawangbolo

    Homer Simpson wannabe trying to make an ISIS training video. Laughing hard at this one. “Oh, look! My boob is burned! It got underneath my fat line! BBQ’d pork tonite!”

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