Venezuela, A Textbook Lesson In Socialist Corruption

Venezuela is no longer a country with a government, institutions and a civil society. It’s a geographic area terrorized by a criminal enterprise that pretends to govern, with a civil society made up of two sets of people: accomplices and victims.

The Hugo Chavez-led looting spree began in 2000. By “looting,” I mean fraudulent government contracts, a celebration of bribery, phantom payrolls across all government ministries, bogus government-grant programs, the sacking of Venezuela’s gold reserves and a massive currency-exchange scam.

More than $1 trillion has disappeared — some of it wasted on social programs that produced nothing — and a staggering amount has ended up in bank accounts in Andorra, Panama, New York, Hong Kong and Switzerland.

Meanwhile, those in power can focus on what they do best: looting the country’s natural-resource wealth and manufacturing and trafficking illegal narcotics. In fact, Maduro just upped his game by appointing Tareck el-Aissami, a drug kingpin, as vice president.

How did it come to this?

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Well, that’s how Socialism always ends. Aside from the fact that the economic model is a farce, Socialism tends to elevate the corrupt and incompetent to positions of authority.

The story goes on to note the case of ‘Derwick Associates’ in which the author was personally involved. A group of 20-year-old “Chavezkids” (Bolichicos) who conspired to scam the regime out of a billion dollars by building a bunch of inoperable electric power plants.

The money was used to fund their lavish lifestyles and when the scheme started to fall apart, they bribed government officials to sweep the matter under the rug.

But that’s one out of dozens, perhaps hundreds of similar schemes and shakedowns. Meanwhile the average citizens of Venezuela are literally starving. It was bad enough when there were shortages of common household items like toilet paper, laundry soap and bleach. But now there’s no food or medicine.

Still, the foolish people of Venezuela insist on trying to oust Maduro and his henchmen by constitutional means. Yes, I call them foolish and have no sympathy for them because first of all, they handed their country over to Socialist dictators and now that the Socialist pyramid scheme has collapsed they’re too cowardly to take their country back.

It should be painfully obvious that Maduro will never leave power except feet first. In any other Latin American country at any other point in history there would’ve already been a bloody revolution.

I’ll have respect again for the people of Venezuela when I see pics of Maduro’s fat corpse hanging from a rope and not before.

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