Unhappy Reindeer Escapes From Santa and Swims Across Lake Dillon, CO

He spooked and he ran. A reindeer on assignment in a mall in Dillon, CO got spooked by child and bolted away like greased lightening. He then swam across lake Dillon and headed for a tunnel before he was recaptured by authorities.

From CBS Local Denver:

Witness Joyce Bearse saw the reindeer flee.

“I saw an awesome reindeer in a pen right here. I left and came back 20 minutes later but she left and jumped the fence,” said Bearse.

Dillon Police Officer Bryan Wagner helped track down the reindeer that took off.

“We got the call at about five that a reindeer had escaped from Santa Claus,” said Wagner.

He says the reindeer swam across Lake Dillon to Robert’s Tunnel.

“When he came out of Robert’s Tunnel he still had his lead on, and that was actually good for us because it was easier to find him because it was a definite pattern in the snow,” said Wagner.

Wagner and an animal control officer had the reindeer cornered and brought in another reindeer as back-up.

“The other reindeer coming in did the trick, and the reindeer came right up to it, and we got the harness and were able to take him into custody from there,” said Wagner.

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