Unemployment – The New Normal

matts-game-chamber-600x369Where are the jobs?  The conspicuous absence of any reference to job creation, unemployment and the economy in Obama’s Inaugural Address was not surprising.  I mean, really, what can you say when the reason he ran the first time was to repair the economy and bring jobs back.   When the identical jobs numbers to his previous Term are identical there just isn’t a lot you can say .  Despite his promise for a one term proposition if he didn’t bring the economy back, Obama managed to convince his “Low Information Base” that those things were really still Bush’s fault.  Think of it, 4 straight years of 7+ percent unemployment – and those numbers are only smoke and mirrors.  Millions have just stopped looking and dropped off of the bloated 99+ week Unemployment Rolls.  There haven’t been this many unemployed since World War II!  Get used to it.  It’s the New Normal.  The Obama Standard. The Basement Dwelling Video-gamer Generation.  Read the boring but telling facts here:


  1. Betty Butter

    Diane Sawyer and her ilk used to do one homeless story after another whenever a Republican was president. Notice how they are spiking those stories, too.

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