UN Official Claims That Fast Food Violates Human Rights


A United Nations expert says junk food is a human rights concern.

Hilal Elver, the UN’s special representative on the right to food, warns poor people are being forced to choose between economic viability and nutrition.

This catch-22 situation, she warns, violates the basic human right to adequate food.

Elver blamed the rise of industrial food production coupled with free-wheeling trade markets that have allowed large corporations to flood the world with cheap, nutrient-poor foods.

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Ok, I’m sick of hearing this garbage that poor people have to buy fast food because it’s cheaper. How is $6 for a burger and fries cheaper than buying a fresh whole chicken for $4 and a $2 bag of frozen veggies that can feed a family of four?

If poor people are buying fast food it’s because they’re too lazy to shop, prepare and cook the food at home. These are people who are unambitious, they slouch through life and as long as the government gives them money to buy food, they’ll take the easy way.

And as for the nutrient value. There is no difference between chicken, beef, fish, lettuce and potatoes bought in a grocery store and what’s served at most fast food franchises. These outlets have gone to great lengths to pander to the low fat, low salt food Nazi’s and still they get a bum rap.

Which just goes to show that you can’t compromise with these people.

I think the last sentence above sums it up. This woman is an anti-capitalist trying to exploit hunger to further her jihad against corporations, nothing more.

Today she takes aim at the fast food industry, tomorrow it will be grocery stores. These people would reduce humanity to hunter-gatherers if they had their way.

Of course her and her wealthy friends will still enjoy dining at four star gourmet restaurants, paid for by our tax dollars.


  1. Alan

    With all the problems in the world the UN has a SPECIAL representative on the right food! That’s one job that could be eliminated. I remember my Grandma feeding us souse meat that she made. For those that don’t know what that is it’s a meat loaf made from anything that’s left over from a hog killing, like the ears, tail, butt hole and it may have contained the eyeballs. We eat that when we run out of chitterlings (we called it chittlings).
    Any kind of food has a lot more nourishment than no food.

  2. Sembawangbolo

    The only “human rights” violation I see here is a leftist hack telling people what they should or shouldn’t eat. It’s nonyadamnbzness what people eat.

    • Alan

      I agree with you Sembawangbolo. Being told what to eat is like being in prison. You’re not told what to eat in prison actually. You have a choice of eating what they slide through the bars or not eating it.

  3. Comrade Otis

    A person may have a personal problem in his or her food choice but a personal problem is not a social problem. The left is always conflating a generalized population of personal problems into a gargantuan complicated social problem that requires the leftist and his like-minded friends to have complete power over our lives in order to solve.

    There’s only one sane response: your damn personal problem is your problem not mine. Go jump in a lake.

  4. Adam Baum

    It’s a meme. They must perpetuate the meme, facts be damned. Not too long ago (and actually even today) we hear about kids going to bed hungry in the US. I call BS.

    I know a few uber-libs who are s-l-o-w-l-y realizing these facts. BY FAR the biggest hurdle though is for them to admit they were wrong and us knuckled-dragging conservatives were right all along.

    • Sembawangbolo

      Indeed. The same ones claiming The Children[tm] are going to bed hungry and starving are the same ones bellowing about a child obesity problem.

      • Whoopie


        Agreed, you can’t win with these people. If we aren’t gonna euthanize them, we at least need to start ignoring what they say.

    • Toolfoole

      Actually, there probably are some “poor” kids going to bed hungry, but they’re not children of poor families. They’re the unfortunate children of vegans whose parents are forcing their lifestyle upon them.

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