Two Video Examples Of EVERYTHING That Is Wrong In American Society

Well, maybe not everything, but it’s damn sure where it starts.

Having your ten year old spew bile about drugs, bitc*es and shooting cops is perfectly fine.

Capture(CNN) — Massachusetts child welfare authorities have found no evidence of neglect or abuse connected with a 10-year-old Brockton rapper who does adult-themed music videos.

Local police filed a complaint in February against the child’s father, prompting an investigation that was terminated Thursday, Department of Children and Families spokeswoman Cayenne Isaksen told CNN.

The child, Luie Rivera Jr., whose stage name is “Lil Poopy,” is seen in videos posted online, including on YouTube, smacking a woman’s backside, flashing wads of cash, riding in a Ferrari, dancing with women in sexually suggestive positions and rapping about how “coke is not a bad word.”

Lil Poopy is a member of the group Coke Boys, led by internationally known Moroccan-born rapper French Montana. He has also performed alongside hip hop moguls such as P. Diddy.

And the obligatory charge of racism:

Krowski said he believes a racially motivated double standard was applied to his client, who he said turned 10 in February, and his family, which is of Puerto Rican descent.

“You can find Hollywood, white actors depicted in much more racy films. They receive praise and acclaim,” he said. “Then you look at a video that has brown-color skin and they’re engaged in rap music and that invites an investigation.”

This is perfectly acceptable: (language warning)

Good job ‘Merica!

But wait, there’s more:

(Hot Air) – Via Politico’s Dylan Byers, who’s apparently been rendered speechless by this spectacle.

The idea here, I take it, was to show that supporting gay marriage is so obvious that even a five-year-old can arrive at the right conclusion if left to reason her way through it. That’s not how it comes off; you get the sense that this segment would have run for 20 minutes, with Krystal Ball nudging all the way, if that’s how long it would have taken to arrive at the favored result. I hope they keep this up and expand it to other hot-button issues. I’d be awfully curious to see what a five-year-old thinks of, say, abortion.

How any person can watch that and not cringe is beyond comprehension. In my world, that’s child abuse.

That poor child is going to grow up confused and damaged.


  1. Whoopie

    Well, as far as the MSNBC video on gay marriage goes, you see the effort to dumb down complex issues to infantile levels. I’m sure the Leftwing wishes all of us could be as easily manipulated as a 5 yr. old. As it is, too many of us already are that mentally malleable.

  2. Betty Butter

    Reminds me of how Cuban kids are taught at an early age that only Fidel can put candy in their hands.

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