TV Documentary Explores Criminal Immigrants In Germany

Taoufik M

An asylum seeker who allegedly sexually assaulted a teenager during the mob-like attacks in Cologne on New Years Eve has been arrested after his ‘victim’ spotted him on TV.

The Moroccan man, only identified as Taoufik M., 33, appeared on a program about his Fagin-style life heading a gang of pickpockets.

His alleged teenage victim saw him on television and recognised him as the man she claims molested her in the west German city.

Police has identified him as the boss of a gang of North African thieves and pickpockets who has been arrested 22 times by police for crimes ranging from grievous bodily harm through to organised thievery.

At the end of last year, he was given a seven-month suspended sentence for organised theft because of his control of the pickpocketing game.

His alleged sexual assault victim has now reported him to police, he has since been arrested and is now in custody.

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Here’s a fine example of the Socialist ‘soft on crime’ (especially when it involves Muslim immigrants) mindset. The guy has already been arrested 22 times just since arriving in Germany two years ago and he gets a 7 month suspended sentence.

Prior to that he lived in Italy, god only knows what sort of one-man crime wave he was there and why he decided to relocate to Germany. Were the authorities making it too hot for him to stay in Italy? Or did he just desire a fresh new hunting ground and saw Germans as a richer, more gullible prey?

The 15 minute documentary, which you can watch (with English subtitles) here, concerns one police operation targeting one Muslim/immigrant neighborhood in Dusseldorf.

It illustrates that many of the immigrants living there and committing crimes are illegal aliens and that even when caught redhanded, there is little or no consequence for their acts. They’re back on the street, to quote one cop “In less time than it takes us to bring to them to the police station.”

Even if they are sent to prison, it wouldn’t bother them because, in the words of one immigrant, “German prisons are like hotels, it’s nice there.”

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