Trump Says NATO Allies Don’t Pay Their Fair Share, True Or False?

Last night during the debate Trump raised the issue of NATO, specifically the fact that our NATO allies aren’t paying their fair share of the costs involved in their own defense.

Simply put, as Trump noted, with 20 trillion dollars in national debt, we can no longer afford to be the world’s police force.

As expected, today I see a number of our NATO allies complaining that Trump’s assessment of their contribution was either inaccurate or unfair.

So, in the interest of fact checking Trump’s claims and keeping everyone honest, here’s a chart of America’s contribution to NATO as compared to other countries…

natoThis was an interactive graphic so I had to do a screen grab and the last few countries like Latvia and Albania got cut off, but their contributions were $40 million or less. I think we’ve seen enough to get the idea.

Another bone Trump picked was the fact that while every country in the NATO alliance is at risk of Islamic terrorism, most of them have not joined us in fighting ISIS. I recall that during the Afghan and Iraq war, many nations did send troops and supplies but too often, the few troops they sent only served in support roles, they didn’t want to put their own people in harm’s way. After Saddam was captured, most of them withdrew their forces entirely and they’ve since been unwilling to commit troops to finish the job.


  1. Alan

    With the Commander & Chief we have in charge we don’t have much to show for all that money we spent. Maybe if we were actually trying to win this war the other countries would chip in a little more.

  2. Doom

    I’ve been against NATO for a decade or two now. Oh, sure, I have supported some things, but not our involvement or everything. Yugo was one of it’s more public shames. That was for Bill’s shame and Europe’s want of Turkey, not a good result, aim, or anything. Evil start to stop. How much damage they have done behind the scenes, as bankster cronies, is hard to know. Let them defend themselves. They have more people and more money, which they have been squandering on failed social programs which have lead it to… much evil. Cut the apron strings.

  3. Sembawangbolo

    From looking at the graph it appears Trump is correct in calling out the freeloaders not paying their fair share. In the debate Killery–for whatever it’s worth from the lips of a congenital liar–assured the freeloaders that we [America] would honor all its agreements. Seriously? From the lying lips of a woman who has no principles, other than lining her corrupt pockets, moral standards or a conscience? The question is how many of these hostile foreign entities have donated to the Crime Cartel and what do they expect in return? At least we know Trump isn’t beholden to any of them.

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