Thug Defense Strategy: Blame The Victim

Delbert BeltonAs despicable as the crimes may be, even more despicable are the attempts by the perpetrator to blame the victim.

Take the case of the WWII vet Delbert “Shorty” Belton. Yesterday the police chief of all people declared that there was no racial motivation in the attack. That it was a simple robbery and that “Shorty” escalated the encounter by trying to resist.

In other words the victim had it comin’. The Spokane police chief Frank Straub is a disgrace and should be suspended without pay pending dismissal for suggesting that robbery victims must comply with their attacker or risk sharing the blame for the outcome.

Read about it here:

Today we get word from one of the murderers that this old man was supposedly a drug dealer whom they were trying to buy crack cocaine from him and the deal went bad.

Get all the tripe:

Seriously? Do they think we’re that stupid? Look at the guy fer chissakes! Does he look like some kinda drug kingpin?

Meanwhile in another murder case in Georgia where a black teen spitefully shot an infant in the face because the mother, Sherry West didn’t have any money to steal, the defense attorney has raised a number of ‘theories’ calculated to make the mother appear partly to blame.

First he suggested to the jury that the mother had a financial interest in the killing of her baby. Proof? She had taken out a life insurance policy on the child and filed paperwork to collect on the policy.

Then he tried to make something of the fact that she has a history of mental problems, she’s bipolar and has suffered from depression and post traumatic stress disorder. Who the hell wouldn’t be depressed and traumatized from seeing your baby shot in the head right in front of your eyes?

Yesterday the heartless prick attorney suggested to the jury that the killer was doing the baby a favor because Sherry West was a bad mother who deserved to have the child taken from her.

Learn more:

Keep talking Mr. lawyer and the enraged jury may just drag your client out of the courthouse and lynch him themselves.

When your only defense is to try and make the victim look at least partly to blame for the way things turned out it means you have absolutely no excuse for your behavior. You’re as guilty as sin and you know it. It’s the atrocious character of the crime that merit the severest penalty.



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