There is No Such Thing as Gun Control – There is Only People Control

Dan Bongino, an ex-Secret Service agent gives a brilliant and moving speech on gun control.  Very worth watching, boys and girls.

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  1. Whoopie

    Tomorrow (Sat. 2-23-13) is supposedly the “Day of Resistance” when gun owners will attend over 100 events nationwide openly carrying their weapons.

    But in the end, these endless debates and street theatrics, even the Constitution means nothing if the armed citizenry don’t exercise their 2nd Amendment rights and put a stop to this creeping Socialism once and for all.

    The Mexican revolutionary Zapata said “Stop depending on strong men to protect you and hoping that they’ll remain honest. If you own land, you must defend it yourself, yes, even if you die. And your children must defend it too after you’re gone.”

    Well, this is our land, America and it’s all that we got and if we do nothing, it will be taken from us, by the strong men we elected to protect us.

  2. Betty Butter


    Whoopie, you can take your Friday night pontificating and dunk it in your whiskey. Just call me Miss Dona Quixote.

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