The Top Ten Best Rock Songs Accompanied By A Gif Ever

#10:  Led Zeppelin “Trampled Under Foot” – The Earls Court Concert

Watch the gif goodness… listen to the Zep… gif-music match? 95%


#9:  Jimi Hendrix “Hey Joe”

Watch the gif goodness… listen to the Jimi… gif-music match? 1000%


#8:  Eric Clapton “Cocaine”

Watch the gif goodness… listen to G-d.. gif-music match? 950%

we subtracted 50 pts. because Depp hasn’t returned our calls…. seems he’s busy…


#7:  The Rolling Stones “Sympathy For  The Devil”

Watch the gif goodness?… listen to The Hell’s Angels meet Hell’s Angel. gif-music match? 150%

Rated high because Jamie Foxx and Kanye’s b*tch ass wouldn’t last three minutes in that crowd…

#6:  AC/DC “It’s A Long Way To The Top”

Watch the gif goodness… Angus & Tele-Tubbie Groove. gif-music match? 99%

Bon Scott could have helped AC/DC rate 101% if he would just stop prancing around like a fu**ing fairy.  Ya with me Aussies!?


#5:  Iron Maiden “The Trooper”

Watch the gif goodness… Steve Harris<– The baddest bass player that ever lived.  Putin 2016  . gif-music match? The Obama Deficit x’S 6000%

Punched your screen yet!?


#4:  The Eagles “Teenage Jail”

How can you top Putin on a Ritz cracker?  The only Eagles song, that Slayer listens to, that’s how…  . gif-music match? Totally gnarly+1


#3:  The Go-Go’s “Our Lips Are Sealed”

El Rushbo  . gif-music match? We don’t know yet.  He hasn’t weighed in…?%


#2:  Black Sabbath “The Wizard”

Karl Rove … The Wizard of the GOP…  . gif-music match? -99% ask his white board…

#1:  Ted Nugent “Wango Tango”

Hillary Clinton… needs to be Nuged…   . gif-music match? gif-song perfection…



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