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    Right Wing Links 27 Oct 2013 Via Childhood Crush Maureen McCormick

    by  • 27 October, 2013 • Culture, Politics • 2 Comments

    marsha brady (4)

    Or as she’s best known, Marsha Brady: The Blacksphere: Look at what the NSA turned up on Maxine Waters Weekly Standard: The Point of No Return AoSHQ: Gun Thread (10-27-2013) Angry White Dude: BLACK TEENS ATTACK WHILE YELLING “GET THOSE CRACKAS!” WERE NOT SHOPPING FOR SALTINES! Kos: Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Incompetence Department   <— KNOW...

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    Right Wing Links 13 Oct 2013 Via The Israeli Defense Forces

    by  • 13 October, 2013 • Culture, Politics • 2 Comments


    Without a doubt, the most beautiful military women on the planet.  Sorry ‘Murican military…  Just sayin’… Wired: Special Ops Uniform Will Transform Commandos Into an Iron Man Army Zero Hedge: Have We Reached Peak Entitlements? American Digest: Saddest Shutdown Photo Angry White Dude: QUESTION OF THE DAY: HAVE THEY NO SHAME? Atlas Shrugs: Obama-backed...

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    Right Wing Links Sept 7, 2013 Brought To You By ‘A Few Reasons To Live’

    by  • 7 September, 2013 • Politics • 5 Comments

    reasons to live (2)

    These days, we could all use a few… Zero Hedge:  G20 Ends Abruptly as Obama Calls Putin a Jackass Barracuda Brigade:  The Very Radical Racist Background Of Michelle Obama The Camp of the Saints:  Rule 5 News: 07 September 2013 A.D. Climate Depot:  Cheers! Tony Abbott, who said “Climate change is absolute crap” will become...

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    June 23, 2013 Headlines Sponsored By Gator Joe’s Beach Bar & Grill

    by  • 23 June, 2013 • Culture, Politics • 5 Comments


    Gator Joe’s Beach Bar & Grill, it’s where the cool Florida folks hang out: NYT’s:  White House Offers Stealth Campaign to Support Immigration Bill Creative Bloq launches its own YouTube channel (Photoshop Tips & Tricks) iOTW: Weather lady freaks out live on set Washington Times:  White House still mulling Taliban swap offer for U.S. POW ...

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    May 19, 2013 Headlines Courtesy Of Sweet Buttered Cornbread

    by  • 19 May, 2013 • Politics • 0 Comments


    Because sissy New York salads don’t make ’em like this… Sweet Southern Cornbread Recipe WND:  If Fox Business ran the GOP primary Pookies Toons:  Today’s Toons 5/17/13 PJ Media:  Of Course Iran Is Chairing the UN Disarmament Conference Moonbattery:  Larry Sinclair explains why the Moonbat Messiah constantly fusses with his nose like a cokehead...

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