Storage Wars Texas, Mary Or Jenny?

Yes, I got caught in a Storage Wars Texas vortex and as you all know it doesn’t take much to render me smitten!


mary storage wars texas 2

mary storage wars texas 3

mary storage wars texas 4


Or, Jenny?

jenny storage wars texas 3

jenny storage wars texas 4

jenny storage wars texas

jenny storage wars texas 2

What sayeth ye?

I’m in the Mary camp…


  1. Najichevan

    None. Both them are quite ugly. Specially the blonde “bimbo” it’s more like a tranny. Well, just my opinion. You asked…

      • michele

        mary, is just stupid, joking all the time would be fun, BUT not when you are mary, she is just obnoxious! jenny cracks me up. she tries soooooo hard to try and be sexy or attractive…sorry babe all your effort…not working. AND LESA, ugh! fix your teeth! jenny get that hideous birthmark on your upper arm removed, ICK, and lastly mary…try and be smart, try and keep your mouth shut at least something! I cannot imagine being a person in your real life…wow! being related to you must be a headache

        • Louis

          Well michele, (yeah no capital M foryou sorry) so much hatred, seriously? I believe you must be a one of a kind beauty right, or in the fashion business? You know what? your comment just cracked me up, made your unattractiveness obvious, showed an uneasiness with birth marks ( I hope you don’t have children), a lack of sympathy and tolerance, and even a little bit of racism. Now, who’s obnoxious?? And sorry for the spelling mistakes, i know my english is not perfect. Best regards
          Louis Hart

    • Elboner

      Yes everyone are entitled to their opinions 🙂
      But as for jenny looking like a tranny and saying that mary is ugly !!! WOW think you should have gone to specsavers lolloolololololloll

  2. herb

    Jenny can actually make faces that look like a female Jack Nicholson. Yikes. Mary just has that innocent look and is usually allot more gracious. Both of them are no beauty queens but I think Jenny thinks she is. Who would I like to put on my Bike for an afternoon? Mary. She just looks like a great deal of fun and acts like she’s got a sweet streak a mile wide. To me that’s hot.

  3. Dave Graham

    Jenny is a hard worker but she seems very cold and self-involved. Is that why the Smiths pick on her? Mary has her gripes but doesn’t live in them. She is real funny and original with with her humor. Mary has her own unique beauty and stands out in a crowd. Her personality adds to her looks. Mary strikes me as someone that people can be themselves around. In spite of her fun-loving child-like ways, Mary has great wisdom. Checkout the eyes. Mary reads people, places, and situations with intuitive accuracy.

  4. Alan Parker

    I like Mary because she seems a genuinely nice person and has that ever so slightly unhinged thing about her that I find very attractive.

  5. butch fenton

    I would like to hang out with Mary and steal some hugs and kisses, and date Jenny and steal some hugs and kisses.
    Of course, Brandi in LA, and Candy in NY would be equally desirable.
    Each of those 4 girls has their own sexiness. Candy in NY would be a heck of a roll in the hay.

    • Bob Davis

      Lynn, you probably thing Brad Pitt is hot. The problem with women answering this type of question is, if you’re not gay, you have no eye for women as I have no eye for men. They are all ugly to me.

  6. AL

    Hi I think that Mary is the hottest on the show as I love her eyes and hair , Mary has a very attractive smile and seems to be happy where she is .Mary also displays fun and a sense of humor . I watch the show in Canada whenever I can .

  7. Skillet

    Mary, all the way.

    She’s a juicy little blue-eyed, brunette “Spinner”

    Put her on a plate and sop her up with a biscuit

  8. KAT

    Straight woman can see beauty or ugliness in other women inside beauty or outside beauty unlike most men who are too worried about seeming gay if they comment on another mans looks…:)

  9. tati

    Mary, is pretty and seems very sweet and fun to be around, Jenny looks like a horse specially when she makes faces (but she think she is hot) and to top it off seems like a b i t c h… hands down Mary!
    PS: btw I am a girl and not gay!

  10. kevinthegerbil

    Marys mad quirky behavior is a breath of fresh air, besides I would have to chew my arm off if I woke up looking at Jennys brown scabby patch on her arm

  11. jensen

    jenny looks and acts like a cougar, where as mary like a kitten really cute. mary is far better to look at then jenny.


    I vote for Mary.I think she is a free sprirt.
    plus she is naturaly beautifull,no make up required.

  13. Jenny is pretty in her own way. But personally i think mary is adorable shes hot but its not all about her look. Pretty face and very quirky, great imagination and brilliant with power tools whats not to like. Xxx mary has my vote lol.

  14. Reindeers fly...

    People will be people, sometimes doing good things to one-another and sometimes doing the most unspeakable things to one-another…I really enjoy watching Storage Wars and that includes ALL participants…I think that both Mary and Jenny are attractive ladies
    who each have very different personalities.

    It’s sad and a bit disheartening to read such negative comments posted by people on this forum it’ too bad because Storage Wars has a fun and interesting cast…I wish I was on the show because I have been known to be a bit of a hoarder and I think I certainly have a discernible eye for recognizing treasures from trash.

    I would love to go pick storage lockers with Mary because her personality type is a solid fit with my own…we would make a great team…I guess you can say I have a bit of a crush on Mary.

    So Mary if you read this post and you need help in your shop….just let me know : )

  15. Joe

    Mary is delightful. She’s tiny, cute, pretty, upbeat, has a great sense of humor, doesn’t take herself or the show too seriously, and seems like she’d be a whole lot of fun to be around. I also love her voice and her laugh. That all adds up to an absolutely adorable package.

    Jenny is also attractive and seems nice. I don’t understand why people are fixated on her birthmark. It’s trivial and doesn’t affect her overall beauty. She seems like a fun person, too.

    But if I had to choose, Mary really is the one I have a major crush on. I’m glad she’s been brought over to the original Storage Wars now that SW Texas is gone. The producers made a good decision there. I suspect a lot of people must’ve felt like I do, and would’ve missed Mary.

    I realize these shows are fake to a great degree. But we can still have our favorite characters and enjoy the entertainment.

  16. Len Ivey

    Mary is the hot one – she is cute, petite, funny AND – she has some of the best sculpted arms and shoulders imaginable! Anyway, I look forward to Mary’s personality, along with her collection of sleeveless tops; perhaps one day she will grace us with a flex of those exquisitely buffed out guns…

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