Stolen Lamb Rescued From German Whorehouse

brothel lamb 1Baaah…

A lamb that was stolen from Nuremberg Zoo and found in a Munich brothel nine days later has finally been returned to her flock. Rosi is barely two months old but she’s had quite the adventure in her short life. She’s lived in a zoo and a brothel, spent time in police custody, and now at last she’s back among her own.

It appears that thieves, under orders from a Munich-based prostitute, took advantage of the keepers going on their lunch break and smuggled the little lamb undetected out of the premises.

She was to endure nine days of captivity before finally being released, and even then by a stroke of luck. Munich police were out on operation, carrying out a drug bust on a brothel. They found marijuana as well as assorted drug paraphernalia. But to their surprise there was also a three-week-old lamb in the prostitute’s room. Both escort and lamb were taken into custody.

The prostitute was handed a ban on owning animals. Apparently, Rosi wasn’t the first little lamb she’d taken hostage. “Where she used to live in Wuppertal, the authorities had already confiscated 25 lambs from her,” a police spokesperson said. “It seems she really likes sheep.”

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I’m guessing that either this hooker’s schtick is to dress up like ‘Little Bo Peep’ or most of her clients are Muslim immigrants, in which case I hope they had the critter tested for STDs.

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