State Labor Relations Board: Police Chiefs Can’t Make Arrests

Dan DuffyIn Scranton, PA they had a Police Chief (Dan Duffy, pictured) who patrolled the streets and made several arrests.

The Police Union didn’t like that and filed a grievance with the State Labor Relations Board. You see, Police Chiefs aren’t members of the Police Union. And if they go out doing the job of union members, well that’s just not fair.

Chief Duffy resigned back in July and the City Solicitor decided not to fight the case. As a result the State Labor Relations Board ruled in favor of the Police Union (big surprise). In effect saying that Police Chiefs, at least in the city of Scranton, don’t have the authority to make arrests.

This ruling has wider implications State wide perhaps even nationally because it will be used as a precedent by Police Unions everywhere.

Read about it here:

I have one question however, who the hell gave Labor Relations Boards or Unions the authority to grant or revoke the arrest powers of any sworn law enforcement officer? Apparently you have to pay union dues if you want to enforce the law.

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