Smoking Gun Connects Obama To IRS Scandal

William-WilkinsWhite House visitor logs indicate that William Wilkins, the Chief IRS Counsel appointed by Obama himself met with Obama in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on April 23, 2012 for several hours.

The very next day, April 24th, IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman met with an un-named regime official in the Eisenhower Executive office Building.

Then on April 25th a new directive was issued to IRS employees on how to identify and handle applications for tax exempt status that were submitted by Conservative groups.

Wilkins was an obvious choice for appointment as IRS Chief Counsel since he has considerable experience in regard to the rules governing tax exempt organizations.

In 2008 Wilkins successfully defended Obama’s Pastor Jeremiah Wright from allegations that Wright had violated his non-profit status by endorsing Obama’s Presidential campaign.


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  1. Yenaldlooshi

    Obama is so Guilty of so many Felonies and Congress sits back and lets him get away with them..Disgusting..

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