Slender Man Meme Inspires Another Stabbing: 13 Year Old Stabs Mom

First two 12 year old girls nearly kill another 12 year old classmate (see Whoopie’s Blur Brain article here) and now a 13 year old girl has stabbed her own mother under the influence of Slender Man, a fictional Internet horror meme.

Slender Man has struck again.

An Ohio girl, under the apparent influence of the fictional Internet horror meme, attacked her mother last week with a kitchen knife, authorities said.

“I came home one night from work, and she was in the kitchen waiting for me, and she was wearing a mask, a white mask,” the suburban Cincinnati mother told a local television station. “She was someone else during the attack.”

The mother suffered multiple minor injuries, including a puncture wound on her back. The girl, 13, is facing charges as a juvenile.

The knife assault follows a Slender Man-inspired attack days earlier by a pair of 12-year-old girls on their 12-year-old classmate, who was left for dead in a Wisconsin park.

The Wisconsin victim, who was stabbed 19 times, is now recovering at home, while her alleged assailants and so-called friends, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, face first-degree attempted intentional homicide charges.

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