Sicko Peeping Tom Slits Curtains to View Customers Trying on Clothes at Forever21 in Miami


From the Miami Herald:

A suspected “peeping tom” was arrested Sunday after he was caught with video of women trying on clothes at the Forever21 store at the Sawgrass Mills mall.

Andre Clements, 30, has been charged with video voyeurism and disorderly conduct, Sunrise police said.

A manager at the store became suspicious when Clements, 30, was caught loitering in the dressing rooms. Customers also complained about Clements.

The manager alerted mall security, who called Sunrise police. When police arrived, the manager found several large slits in the curtain which separated the fitting room Clements was in and the adjoining fitting room.

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    • Whoopie

      Really, you’d think he woulda’ learned to be more careful, especially after that incident at the Women’s Clinic.

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