Sex Tape of 3-Way Between Marylin Monroe, Bobby & John F. Kennedy?

From Daily Mail:

A former Hollywood bodyguard-turned-memorabilia collector claims a sex tape with JFK, RFK and Marilyn Monroe will be auctioned off this coming week.

The tape of ex-President John F Kennedy, brother Robert and the blonde bombshell has never been seen and was supposedly seized by the Tulane County Sheriff’s Office after William Castleberry defaulted on a debt.

William Castleberry claimed to RadarOnline the 8 mm film shows the trio engaging in intercourse, but says it was not made public out of respect for former Yankee great Joe DiMaggio.

Family affair: Marilyn Monroe stands between Robert Kennedy (left) and John F. Kennedy at a May 19, 1962, house party just hours after she infamously sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to the president

It is set to be sold auction Tuesday along with various other memorabilia collected by Castleberry.

‘It’s real. I had it for years and I never released it out of respect for Joe DiMaggio… I’m just sick about it and I’m desperately trying to raise money to get it back,’ he told the site.

Castleberry, 56, says he lost the tape after lawyers demanded a $90,000 balloon payment while he was paying off a $200,000 judgement for selling a fake statue.

‘They demanded a $90,000 payment I couldn’t afford and that is when the sheriff came in and seized the sex tape and all of my other memorabilia I have been collecting my entire life,’ he told the site.

Attorney Ryan Sullivan added that he heard of the tape’s existence and even personally found an 8 mm canister while Castleberry’s house was ransacked by repo men.

‘I was able to locate a 8 mm film in a canister at the house, which was turned over to [authorities],’ said the lawyer, who is representing the plaintiffs ripped off by the phony statue.

Sullivan noted that he has not viewed the tape and cannot verify its contents.

‘I have no idea what is on the tape, it could be what Mr. Castleberry says, or it could be a Disney cartoon,’ said Sullivan. ‘The only way anyone will ever know is if they buy it and view it.’

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  1. marcus t. cicero

    ….If there is a Clinton sex tape, the author probably is buried in the WH backyard!!!…

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