Scientists Wire Rat Brains To Sense Infrared Light

funny-rat-lab-experimentsMaybe I should’ve said “so-called” scientists. I’ll explain in a bit.

Scientists have created a “sixth sense” by creating a brain implant through which infrared light can be detected.

Although the light could not be seen lab rats were able to detect it via electrodes in the part of the brain responsible for their sense of touch.

Ok, right there they’ve proved nothing. It’s already well understood that electrical impulses in certain parts of the brain can cause physical reactions. For example, cochlear implants for the deaf.

In the first study, rats wore an infrared detector on their head which was connected to electrodes in the part of their brain which governs touch.

When one of three ultraviolet light sources in their cage was switched on, the rats initially began rubbing their whiskers, indicating that they felt as if they were touching the invisible light.

Wait, a minute ago it was infrared radiation and now they’re reacting to ultraviolet. Two different wavelengths on opposite ends of that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum we call “light.”

You can read all the pointless blather here:

The fact is, all living creatures already detect infrared radiation, we call it heat. Those rats would’ve reacted had you focused an invisible infrared laser beam on them. Getting burned hurts.

As for infrared radiation below the threshold of pain, not much advantage to detecting that since the universe is awash in it. Every microwatt of energy left over from the big bang is infrared. Anytime a moving object comes to rest it dissipates kinetic energy as infrared radiation. Even an ice cube radiates infrared energy in the cold vacuum of space.

So the only mystery yet to be uncovered is just how many tax dollars was wasted on this ‘high school science project’ level experiment.

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