What Really Scares The Democrats About ObamaCare Repeal

So #MakeAmericaSickAgain is the slogan Democrats cooked up to oppose Republican health-care reform efforts. That’s because, as you may recall, before 2010 America’s streets were strewn with the bodies of the neglected and dead.

Since Democrats are focusing their campaign on the myth that Obamacare is working for most Americans, it’s imperative they create the impression no viable alternative exists.

The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof leaves a blank paragraph in his column to illustrate what a Republican “plan” to replace Obamacare will look like, before indulging in the customary “people will die!” scaremongering.

Now, if by “plan,” Kristof is using the contemporary Left’s definition, meaning a expensive, constricting federal regulatory scheme that forces Americans to participate through a series of mandates, then one hopes Republicans never have a “plan.”

Don’t worry, though; today’s “they have no plan!” is tomorrow’s “that plan is extremist!”

It is worth reiterating that the replacement plan doesn’t have to be conceptually or functionally similar to Obamacare, no matter how often the Paul Krugmans of the world demand it. The comprehensiveness and rigidity of Obamacare are things to avoid. So replacement plans can be passed piecemeal.

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Quite so. The GOP always did have ideas, but Obama and the Democrats simply rejected them and in so doing claimed no alternative existed. All a big fat lie, just like the whopper about ObamaCare saving every family $2,500 a year. Or the one about keeping your existing plan and the doctor you liked.

What we got instead was a law requiring everyone to buy an expensive policy with a deductible so high, you’d still end up paying most of the bill out of pocket (and without the sizable discount you’d have gotten had you been uninsured).

The fact is, even simply going back to the way it was before ObamaCare is a plan. Back when having insurance was a voluntary choice and most employers provided some sort of coverage. Was that really so bad?

But costs could’ve been reduced simply by allowing insurers to compete across state lines and limiting the size of punitive damages in malpractice cases. And the truly needy could’ve been given government assistance without the expensive clusterfark of subsidized health exchanges.

The point of the article above is, what really scares the Democrats is that the GOP does have a plan. And that plan is going to be so much better than ObamaCare.

Let’s face it, if the GOP really didn’t have a viable plan and repealing ObamaCare would be a disaster, the Democrats wouldn’t care one bit. They’d just sit back with a wry grin on their faces and wait for the GOP scheme to implode so they could capitalize on public rage.

And that’s why the Democrats will stomp their feet and whine as each layer of ObamaCare is peeled away and discarded. Because they know that nobody will miss it when it’s gone.


  1. Alan

    My Mom and Dad never had Obamacare. There was no such thing. Mom passed away at the young age of 83 and my Dad was only 93 when he passed. I lived 60+ years without Obamacare and never realized I was having a problem with my health care. Now that I’ve got Obamacare I realize I have a problem. I think Obamacare created a problem where none existed before. Typical government bureaucracy. They create problems where there are none so they can justify their existence by pretending to solve the problems of their own makings.

  2. Sembawangbolo

    The Republicans do have a plan: get rid of O’bamadontcare[tm]. That is the plan. Get the government OUT of healthcare totally. That is the plan. My healthcare was affordable before The Worst President Ever[tm] and the democraps fcuked it up. Bring back tax deductible health savings accounts and competition in the private market. Stop forcing a one-size-fits-all coverage on everyone. Why should I have to pay for some creep’s sex change or for birth control or for some baby killer’s abortion?

    If democraps love O’bamadontcare[tm] so much, they should be forced to suffer it permanently and leave the rest of us the hell alone.

  3. Comrade Otis

    By “plan” the democrats mean central plan. Top-down command control.

    Replace their damn central plan “Obamacare” with good old American freedom. If the democrats want to give people healthcare they need to do it within the confines of a free society. They can set up a special democrat Party Healthcare Charity funded by generous donations from democrat party voters to pay for health insurance for whomever. Imagine the goodwill they would generate from doing things within the confines of a free society.

    But that doesn’t even enter their heads. Because their purposes have nothing to do with helping people. They just want excuses for political power.

  4. Sembawangbolo

    #MakeAmericaSickAgain is what democraps did in 2010 when they forced this unconstitutional law down our throats. America became sicker and sicker of the lies spewed from the lying lips of the big-eared dog-eating closet moozlem. Sicker and sicker from the health providers dropping like flies almost as fast as americans being dropped by the providers. Sicker and sicker of unaffordable premiums that now compete with mortgage payments, car payments and Cook County property tax bills.

    The democraps love to project their real intentions on everyone else telling all what they really think while accusing the same of what they’re actually engaged in. O’bama is #MakeAmericaSickAgain. He has been for 8 torturous years.

  5. Betty Butter

    The good thing about the #Make America Sick Again slogan is that whatever the Democrats say, the opposite usually happens, which of course means that repealing ObamaCare will NOT make America sick again.

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