Pic Of Crowd At Hillary Rally In Ohio Photoshopped

It’s not just the one guy circled in red, but the people around him. Note the woman with a pony tail and blue shirt in front of him and the guy in the maroon shirt to his right. And there are other ‘cloned’ people in the crowd scene.

hillary-rally-photoshopped-crowdI’d say “too bad she can’t manufacture votes this easily” but we all know that’s exactly what the Democrats hope to do.


  1. Toolfoole

    Actually, if you look closely, there are many, many clones. There were probably only about 20 people in the actual “crowd”. Sad, really.

  2. Alan

    If you zoom that photo and start from the bottom left corner and look from there to the top right corner you will see a guy with black hair and a dark blue shirt wearing what looks like it could be a back pack. Then look to the right side of him and to his rear and you will see a guy in a dark blue sports coat with half a head. The front part is cut off.

  3. MurphDaSurf

    Slag. Bloody cow. Hillary’s “reality”. Hillary, you want to know what reality really is? It’s those 650,000 newly discovered emails! Weiner’s on a roll!!!

  4. yomommadrama

    I can’t stand killary. I want to back this photo up, but can you tell me where it was used for her so I can rub it in someone’s face?!

      • Where on line did you find this photo? Who posted it? Was it with any explanation? Any source? What web site? You’ve got to have some info about where it came from. A friend of mine said he’d vote for Trump is this is true. I really want to know from where it originated.

        • Whoopie


          “A friend of mine said he’d vote for Trump is this is true.” Do you have any idea how absurd that sounds? Sorry, I promised my Russian handlers at the KGB I’d never divulge their involvement… Oops, did I just say that out loud?

          • Sembawangbolo

            The KGB is working overtime with the rapid rise in troll count since they let the cat out of the bag with more Killery emails and photoshopped Killery rallies, and making Comey reopen the criminal investigations days before the election. Those naughty Russians!

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