Obama Warns Russia Not To Invade Ukraine


“I do what I want smuglyanka”

Putin unimpressed despite nearly choking during laughing fit…

America has warned Russia it would be a ‘grave mistake’ to send military forces into Ukraine as its new leader said it wants to integrate with the European Union.

Susan Rice, President Barack Obama’s national security adviser said it is not in the interests of Ukraine, Russia, Europe or the United States to see the country split.

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Putin has already made it clear that he would defend Russia’s interests in the region with military force, much like they did in Georgia when separatists attempted to split from the Motherland.

South Eastern Ukraine is historically populated by Russian speakers who support the deposed tyrant Yanukovych. Likewise the Island of Crimea in the South.

I can easily see Russia using this as a pretext to move troops across the border. But simply controlling this part of Ukraine isn’t enough to satisfy Putin’s ambition to reconstruct the old Soviet vassal states.

North Western Ukraine stands in the way of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova and Romania.

If Russia moved into South Ukraine and Belarus to the North they could easily mount a pincer movement that would force the Ukraine military to fight a two front war. It would be a ‘fait accompli’ perhaps without firing a shot.

And what would Obama, the EU or the UN do about it? Nothing, that’s what. It would be over and done with before Obama got the phone call out on the golf course.

Hey Obama, I think your buddy Vladimir is gonna hold you to your promise…


  1. marcus t. cicero

    …Ha, Putin already gave the Finger to Obamaputz, now he is going to stick the rest of his hand up Obamaputts ASS!!!

  2. Sembawang Bolo

    When I seen O’bama talking fierce about “grave mistake” stuff, laughter was rolling out of me uncontrollably. I can imagine what Putin was doing.

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