Obama Takes Another Dialectic Step Backwards Like Good Commie Should With ObamaCare

Not Communist But DemocratsRemember when Obama delayed the ObamaCare Employer Mandate back in July?  That is because the hammer of ObamaCare was crushing businesses a little too much.  He had to lift the ObamaCare hammer back before bringing it down again next year.  This was a classic example of a communist practice called the dialectic.  And now, by deeming by executive order that people who lost their insurance will be able to keep it for another year, he’s doing it again.

From a Blurbrain post entitled Dialectical Marxism: 3 Steps Forward = Obama Care, 2 Steps Back = Delay Employer Mandate:

The Devil is in the Dialectic –

What is the dialectic?  It means progress towards the perfect Marxist state is not always in a straight line.  This is why the devil is in the dialectic.  A classic example just occurred today when the White House announced that President Obama was delaying the ObamaCare employer mandate for a year.

When Marxists push their agenda too hard, so hard that people start to get edgy and the fallout gets to be too noticeable, they’ll pull back and take the pressure off.  [Taken from the teachings of Vladimir Lenin,] Red Scarf children under Mao [Zedong] were made to do the dialectic march of three steps forward and two steps backward.  The way Fred Schwartz describes it in the book “You Can Still Trust the Communists to be Communists,” he likened it to the action of hammering a nail.  First the hammer comes down—–ObamaCare—–then the hammer comes back up——delay ObamaCare employer mandate——then the hammer comes back down again—-implement ObamaCare employer mandate.

Remember when President Obama wanted to appear as if he was someone who wanted to lower taxes so he had the Democrats lower payroll taxes until after the 2012 election, and then everyone’s payroll taxes went back up?  That was another example.  They pretend to be conservative before they bring down the hammer of their progressive agenda.

That too many companies were changing many of their employees from full time to part time and the employment numbers were obviously not improving as a result of the impending mandate to force employers to purchase health insurance started to get the Democrat’s where it hurts.  Even the unions were mad about it.  Something had to be done.  It was time to bring the hammer back up again.  Some call it a brilliant move.  We’ll see. The best laid plans of mice and men . . .

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