Obama to Shake Down Oil & Gas On Methane – Higher Prices On The Way

Or how Obama is planning on sticking it to oil and gas companies just before he leaves office.

Yes, it’s another shakedown. It’s not about the environment, because if it was, Obama would mandate that all cows be wiped off the face of the earth in order to save the planet. And people farting would be regulated, too, especially bean and raw food eating vegetarians. And what about smokers? I know a woman who is both a vegetarian and a smoker. She pollutes the planet with both her flatulence and her cigarettes – a smoking vegan.

From Slate:

Wednesday morning the White House announced a new plan to crack down on the oil and gas industry’s emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. The move is the last major piece of President Obama’s domestic climate agenda, following in the footsteps of tougher standards for vehicle emissions and a sweeping plan to curb carbon dioxide emissions from power plants.

Like the power plant plan, the methane standards will rely on the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate pollution under the Clean Air Act. The new rules will regulate the amount of methane that oil and gas producers are allowed vent or leak from their wells, pipelines, and other equipment. Ultimately, according to the White House, the rules will slash methane emissions 40 percent to 45 percent by 2025. The proposal is intended to be finalized before Obama leaves office, but it’s certain to take a battering along the way from congressional Republicans and fossil fuel interest groups.

Notice how the plans will be finalized so that President Obama can do a hit and run on oil and gas companies and eventually the American people at the end of his term, just like former President Clinton handed down water regulations that cost communities millions in order to comply, just as he was leaving office.

Democrats often wait to incrementally implement their nasty little agenda so the pain felt by citizens is always on their successor’s watch.

And darned if I can find data on how much methane humans produce through flatulence. I suspect it’s because global cooling deniers don’t want you to know that inconvenient fact.

Here is a related article about how homeowners in the Northeast U.S. are now having to pay over 30% higher electricity bill thanks to the Democrats and President Obama’s regulation.

How Northeasterners Have Screwed Themselves


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  1. Sembawangbolo

    Hopefully, this too will dissipate just like the flatulent 8 years of ‘O’. May his name be blotted out forever. So it is written, so it is done.

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