Obama And The Fake Heckler Stunt

Obama frustrationYou notice that whenever a heckler interrupts one of Obama’s speeches, the person is always even more radically Leftwing than Obama himself?

And whatever gripe the heckler has, it just happens to be an issue that Obama would love to address.

The fact is, Obama has more ‘plants’ in his audience than Michelle has in her garden.

This is the oldest gimmick in the book for dictators. Want to prattle on about some issue but raising the issue yourself would make you look foolish? Then plant some tool in the audience who forces you to address the issue (supposedly against your will).

In this case it’s immigration and Obama’s dictatorial power to make law by executive decree.

After being heckled Monday while delivering a speech on immigration reform in San Francisco, President Obama said he would solve the issue without going through Congress, if only he could.

“I need your help,” a young man standing a few rows behind the president shouted. “You have a power to stop deportations for all.” Some in the audience chanted with him, “Stop deportation. Yes we can.”

Obama told security to let the young man stay, then responded to the outburst.

“ If in fact I could solve all these problems without passing laws in Congress, then I would do so.”

Read the rest:

Oh please Obama, who are you kidding? You’ve halted deportations and border enforcement with a stroke of the pen before. Just recently we’ve witnessed how easily you postponed facets of ObamaCare when they became politically inconvenient as well as handing out waivers to unions, none of which is in your authority to do…that is, if the rule of law be sacrosanct.

This issue of Obama waving his imperial wand and granting amnesty has come up before. If he could he would or so he says. The obvious truth is, he really doesn’t want to. He’d rather lay the blame on the Republican congress.

He just has to keep reminding his illegal alien constituents, so he employs these phony hecklers to give him the opportunity to broach the subject without looking like it was his idea to bring it up.

His illegal alien comrades need not worry. They’ll get their amnesty, the fix is in. But only after El Presidente Obama has wrung every last drop of political opportunism out of it.

If he can get the ‘Weeper of the House’ John Boehner to fold like he has so many times before, Obama will take credit for it. If not, in the end Obama will find some cockeyed interpretation of his executive power to grant amnesty by decree.

The only question is whether he does it in time for the 2014 election or 2016. Perhaps he’ll abandon the usual time table if he needs a major distraction. But it will happen.

Update: Turns out this heckler was indeed an illegal alien, a South Korean who over stayed his visa named Ju Hong. As for how he got so close to Obama, he was a ‘special guest’ of the President. Read more about him:



  1. If it wasn’t fake, perhaps the White House can explain how an “undocumented” person can get on the “approved” list to stand behind The President at a public forum. The problem is, this stuff works on an American public weaned on reality tv and a clearly left-biased media. Unless it’s questioned by the media, everyone is abandoned to think no one else saw it as fake. I wonder who is to blame here, though, an administration exercising tactics that got him elected, a drooling media that enables it, or an anesthetized and apathetic American public? It reminds me of the old joke where Snow White is sitting on Pinochio, grasping the wooden head, and screaming into his face “LIE TO ME! LIE TO ME!”.

    • Whoopie


      Excellent point Phil. An honorably discharged veteran who happens to be a TEA party member couldn’t get within 300 yards of Obama, let alone heckle him without having SS goons taser him.

  2. Dan Mazzetta

    I’m glad people other than myself realized right away the whole incident was fake. Goes to show you how dull the string pullers believe most of the American public to be.

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