NUKEMAP, A Gleeful Tool Sure To Become A Drinking Game


Designate a zip code ground zero and then everyone picks a surrounding zip code.  One drink if you fall within the fireball radius, two if you fall within the air blast radius and so on.  BAM!  Everyone’s nuked!

NUKEMAP is a tool created by Alex Wellerstein built on Google Maps that shows users the damage a nuclear detonation would cause anywhere in the world. Users can pick from a list of major cities and historic detonation sites, or search Google Maps to see results for a specific location. The tool also lets users adjust the detonation for variables including kiloton yield, blast height, and fallout, or to select from a preset list of historic nuclear explosions.

Warning:  Games played with alcohol after a nuke blast may lead to:

dance of gif

via Laughing Squid


  1. Whoopie

    Pfft…As if I need an excuse to drink. But I did have fun entering the zip codes for Hollywood, San Francisco and of course, the great Satan: Washington, DC.

  2. Sembawangbolo

    Good thing that map is only showing New Yawk. And I don’t need a game to enjoy a good beer; just a bottle opener.

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