No Surprise: Rap Group Turns Out To Be Criminal Gang

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Or in this case, did the ghetto rappers turn to crime or were they just hoodlums with an interest in music?


Jet Gang, Cali Bud music video

Members of a local rap group whose songs extol guns, money and a street-thug culture apparently lived up to their gangland-style lyrics, according to D.C. police who say members are suspected of stealing cellphones from dozens of stores in the District, Maryland and Virginia.

The brazen thefts over the past 16 months cost shops $77,000 and were carried out as customers browsed, authorities said Thursday, noting that some phones were taken by stealth — under the noses of distracted clerks — while others were forcefully ripped off shelves.

Arrested were members and associates of a group called Jet Gang, including rappers known as G-Five Weezy and Astronaut Mac.

Earlier this week, police raided an electronics store on H Street NW and arrested the owner on charges that he trafficked in stolen phones and computers. They found laptops taken from a District school and a cellphone allegedly taken during a street robbery by a youth who police said sold the phone to the store, gave his parents the $250 and got a McDonald’s meal in return.

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