Mother Charged With Endangerment for Throwing Child Off Bridge (Video)

The mother of the 4-year-old boy who was thrown off a bridge in a startling video could face jail time.

Taylor Richardson, 22, has been charged with reckless endangerment.

Also charged is 35-year-old Jeremiah Prochaskagoodwin, the man who threw the child from the Washington state bridge and into the water.

They each face a year behind bars if convicted.

Video of the incident at a popular swimming hole, located about 70 miles from Seattle, has been seen around the world.

Grays Harbor County Sheriff Rick Scott told Inside Edition he was outraged when he saw the footage.

“It’s shocking. It’s disgusting that adults would think this is an appropriate thing to do with a small child. Even though the child was wearing a flotation device, the impact to the water from that height, could have seriously injured the boy,” he said.

Kaylub Fawley, who shot the video, actually jumped off the bridge with a friend to see how dangerous it really was for the boy.

“I could not imagine being a kid and jumping off that,” he said.

The eyewitnesses returned to the river to demonstrate just how shallow the water is at that point.

From the bridge, boulders cam be seen on the river bed. The child could easily have struck one.

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  1. Whoopie

    Kids today are such pussies.
    I remember asking my dad if I could go ice skating. He said I should wait until it’s warmer.
    My mom never breast fed me, she said she just wanted to be friends.
    When I was kid, one of my bath toys was a toaster.
    I can remember taking my first steps, my old man tripped me.
    Mom used to feed me with a slingshot.
    I remember telling my dad I was tired of running around in circles, so he nailed my other foot to the floor.
    It wasn’t until I turned six that I discovered that Purina doesn’t make baby-chow.
    My folks treated me like a dog, dad would throw a tennis ball across the interstate and tell me “go fetch.”

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