Mayor DeBlasio Pretends to Share the Mayor’s Mansion with the People

Socialists love to perpetrate the lie that under socialism, property belongs to all the people equally.  This is exactly what Mayor DeBlasio did on the day he opened up the previously vacant mayor’s mansion to a few privileged, select, New Yorkers. “This is your house.  It belongs to you. I’m just borrowing it,” and “We’re excited to give New Yorkers a chance to see that which is theirs.”

So, Mayor DeBlasio, if the Mayor’s mansion really belongs to all the people, why don’t they have the same right as you to occupy the property, and why aren’t their names on the title of the deed?  And why not invite all the homeless people of New York to live with you?  Start yourself a collective commune and live the socialist garbage philosophy that you want to foist on everyone else?

From The New York Times:

De Blasio Holds Open House at Gracie Mansion, His New Home

  • Damon Winter/The New York Times
  • Damon Winter/The New York Times
  • Damon Winter/The New York Times
  • Damon Winter/The New York Times
Mayor Bill de Blasio posed with one of thousands of visitors to Gracie Mansion on Sunday.
Published: January 5, 2014

Gracie Mansion, the buttercream-hued mayoral residence on a bluff overlooking the East River, has stood stately but mostly silent for more than 12 years, its elegant interiors reserved for the formal functions of a mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg, who chose to live elsewhere.

That quiet was replaced by a hubbub on Sunday, as thousands of New Yorkers lined up for hours for a tour of the mansion and a meet-and-greet with its new, somewhat reluctant resident, Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Propelled by a populist message into City Hall, Mr. de Blasio has taken pains to project a theme of inclusiveness in his early days in office, and Sunday’s open house, with some tickets distributed by lottery, was intended as the culmination of his inaugural itinerary.

By midafternoon, a diverse line of well-wishers snaked through the high-ceiling ballrooms of the 1804 Federal-style mansion, out to its grounds and into nearby Carl Schurz Park, where it stretched nearly three city blocks along an East River promenade.

“We’re excited to give New Yorkers a chance to see that which is theirs,” Mr. de Blasio said inside the home’s first-floor library, where he was in the midst of a five-hour marathon of hugs, handshakes and back pats.


“It’s something I haven’t seen a mayor do, invite people like that, and there’s a good chance you get to meet him,” said Kevin Dunbar, 47, a children’s counselor from the Bronx. “It’s my first time here in Gracie Mansion. I’ve never been invited. It’s out of sight.”

Asked if he thought Mr. Bloomberg — who helped arrange and pay for a $7 million renovation of the mansion — would preside over a similar event, Mr. Dunbar laughed.

“Bloomberg?” he said. “He didn’t let himself in here.”

Later, Mr. de Blasio spoke with a woman named Shannon Graham, who told the mayor she hailed from Bushwick, Brooklyn.

“The one true borough!” Mr. de Blasio exclaimed, his face lighting up. He leaned in to pose for a photograph.

“This is your house,” he told Ms. Graham, as the camera flashes went off. “It belongs to you. I’m just borrowing it.”

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